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Dark Angel Recap, Season 1, Episode 2: Heat

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What is the easiest way to get rid of a bunch of shady businessmen who have been stealing large sums of money from the poor and downtrodden? Make the money disappear. At least that is what Max is doing as part of her new Eyes Only/Logan duties.


Logan is in psychical therapy with Blaine, trying to get the used of his legs back. In dystopian style shows disabled people often get forgotten. So it is good to see Logan being treated as someone who has survived a trauma, but also not feeling like his world his over because he is in a wheelchair. In exchange for Max’s efforts, he is trying to help her find the remaining twelve X-5s that escaped. Unfortunately, there has not been much of a break on the actual kids, but he has found Hannah Sukova, the nurse who saved her years ago.

In DNA exposition, we learn that Max’s DNA make up is a mess of human and animal. As a result her little bit of cat genetics that made her go into heat three times a year and thirst over really basic white guys. No office basic white guys, but have you seen Jessica Alba? No honey. Plus her booty call falls asleep before the sex starts. Also lesson, when your partner falls asleep before sex you do not continue. Thank you Max, consent matters.

Anyways. Lydecker, the complete dick that he is, goes back to Max’s former private investigator and makes more threats. Apparently is wasn’t even just threats as there are references to fingernails being pulled out. That isn’t the end as Lydecker promises that “I would peel every inch of skin from your body if it would bring me one heartbeat closer to her.” Damn.


Eric leaves a package at Max’s job and keeps following her around and ends up getting involved in Max’s plan by lying about his father’s job. Max is going to find Hannah hoping to find answers. For some reason the former nurse lives on an island.

Hannah and Max get to talk and it’s really great to get some perspective on what Max’s childhood was like. She had never been in a house before and she reveals that they weren’t even told what parents or babies were. Hannah also tells her that the mothers were just young women who were made to have children and then were given a check and left.

This isn’t exactly the insight into her mother she was looking for but like most things, Max hides her feelings with snark. Hannah goes to make a call–to Lydecker. Max being a trained solider knows something is up and reassures Hannah that she had no choice, but unless they leave they are both going to die.


Which lead to running. Lots of running and ducking. Eric was left playing sidekick on the shore with Max’s pager and keys, which is good because Logan calls and manages to help up by hacking into the radio signal sending the huge amounts of trucks in the opposite direction. Thanks creeper nerd.


Hannah is going to be sent somewhere for safety, but before she goes Hannah tells Max that her mother didn’t just give her up, she tried to escape. Seven months pregnant and they had to put her under and induce pregnancy to get her to stop.

Despite everything that has gone wrong in her life, Max can be sure of one thing: she had a mother who fought for her and loved her, unconditionally. And that changes everything.


+ I really can say that this show isn’t afraid to make bruh-type men the targets of jokes, but Eric was just the worst. Mostly because his ego was just off the charts and Max tried to be kind to him: “You da man.” Gag me.

+ Logan and Max are supposed to be a couple in progress, but he is so creepy. I did not notice it at first, but it’s there. Plus there is a twelve year age difference between the actors and Jessica Alba was only around 18 at the time and that just screams in all of their intimate scenes.

+ Okay, the heat thing was sort of eye-roll worthy because she is hot and I feel they need that, but I just wish they wouldn’t make her lose control of her vagina senses.

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