Ghostbusters Posters Released + Details of Characters Emerge

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New posters of the Ghostbusters cast have arrived, along with details about the movie. The images and information was first published by Entertainment Weekly, inStyle, People and Time.

The cast and characters are as follows:

  • Erin Gilbert (Wiig): “Particle physicist, academic firebrand, spectral warrior.”
  • Abby Yates (McCarthy): “Paranormal researcher, supernatural scientist, entity trapper.”
  • Patty Tolan (Jones): “Ghost tracker, municipal historian, metaphysical commando.”  
  • Jillian Holtzman (McKinnon): “Nuclear engineer, munitions expert, proton wrangler.”

If you want a little more information about the movie, you must read this New Yorker piece on Leslie Jones. I actually recommend you read it anyhow, as it’s fascinating. It’s about her rise to fame as a 46-year-old comedian. She was working the comedy circuit for years, and was known in her community, but not elsewhere. Then when Saturday Night Live realized that they had a diversity problem, the show put out a casting call for black female comics at some of their usual haunts: Groundlings, Second City, UCB. However, she wasn’t in those circles and wasn’t a sketch performer, but she did get hired as a writer anyhow. Her bold personality may not be for everyone, but I think she’s brilliant, and this is a must-read. The article details how she was cast by Paul Feig for the role after he saw her appear on SNL’s Weekend Update.  It also explains how Chris Rock mentioned her to Lorne Michaels, and after directors were like “Who is that?” upon seeing her in his movie Top Five.

Side note: As there’s an emphasis on science and mathematics, this movie could spur girls’ interest in STEM careers, much as The X-Files did in the 1990’s in what is dubbed as “The Scully Effect.”




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