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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Episode 10: “Maveth” Recap

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It’s that time again! Well, okay, it was that time again a few days ago, but I’ve been sick, and I’m sure none of you have been desperately waiting for my opinion so it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s that time again!

(Edited by A – we have been wondering about your opinion in actuality!)


While Fitz, Coulson, and Ward have disappeared to an alien planet the rest of our team is touching down in England to rescue Jemma from the clutches of Hydra… or save the stockpile of Inhumans they have… or reopen the portal. No one really seems sure until Director Mack takes charge once again, splitting the team into Rescue Jemma and Secure the Portal.

At least someone here knows their job.

Jemma, meanwhile, is correcting Hydra’s mathematics to assure Fitz will make it home safe, only to be informed he’s a sacrifice to help the alien being return to earth and she shouldn’t expect to see him again.

Using tunnels under the base our team closes in on Hydra, but Jemma proves once again that she’s not the helpless damsel type and escapes her bindings to slip away herself. It’s not long before her absence is noticed however and Simmons comes face to face (at least through glass) with Andrew.

Understandably she’s unsure of what to do. Andrew is Lash after all, she’s seen the damage, but he’s also been taken by Hydra and she’s being hunted. The arrival of two Hydra agents sways her to letting Andrew out of his containment cell but after meeting up with May and returning to find him it’s clear it came with a cost. All of the other contained Inhuman’s are dead, and Andrew is long gone.

At the same time Daisy is almost shot while inspecting Hydra’s computer system, only to have Joey attempt to take a bullet for her. This first time SHIELD agent has already proven himself right here, he doesn’t think twice about taking three bullets for Daisy, but luckily they all melt on impact with him. Happy cheers, it was a great moment for Joey, but it would have been so disappointing to see him killed off right there.

#NoFilter #NoPhotoshop

#NoFilter #NoPhotoshop

SHIELD’s other team, Mack, Hunter, and a very impatient Bobbi, have secured the portal pool in time for Team Rescue’s arrival. Now it’s nothing but a waiting game until the portal reopens, and Jemma tries to fill everyone in on what Hydra wants from the planet.

The team has varied opinions on how crazy Hydra’s theory about a deadly space alien is and what to do about it. Mack steps up yet again, ordering everyone else to leave the castle and blow it with him inside should anything terrible come through. This is where I get genuinely worried about Mack, one of the few characters I thought the show might kill off, but Daisy quickly assert she’s staying with him and I relax once again. Actual Superhero Daisy Johnson isn’t going anywhere.


Over on the planet we now know is called Maveth Ward pushes Fitz down a hill for trying to grab his gun. Apparently the AoS fandom is extremely upset about this? But on the list of Terrible Horrible Disgusting Things Ward Has Done I think we can put this pretty close to the bottom.

The boys also come across a half buried Hydra statue, like some crazy Man in the High Castle alternate timeline version of Planet of the Apes.

I don’t quite understand what this is doing here? Did an artistic Hydra agent previously sent through the portal create it in his boredom? Was it made by the civilization that previously lived there? If so how did Hydra start using it as their symbol if no one has ever made it back to earth?

Fitz finds Will’s underground home while leading Hydra around the planet, and convinces Ward not to kill him right away. Fitz wants him to help them find the portal, while Ward wants him to help find it. He has a gift for it, he says, while staring at Fitz like a creep, just in case giving Jemma the information directly earlier didn’t make it clear enough for you.

Will walks the team into the No Fly Zone of the planet, making it easier for him and Fitz to escape their guards. Will quietly kills two of the Hydra red shirts, and while Fitz seems alarmed by this he quickly brushes that aside. Wrong choice, Fitz!

The remaining two Hydra guards are taken down by Coulson, who, after a HORRIBLY MEAN DREAM ABOUT WAKING UP NEXT TO ROSALIND, has been tracking the group since he woke up from his landing. He also shoots Ward in the shoulder but for now he still needs him to get back to the portal.

Ward goes on and on more about how he did everything for a father figure, about how he wants closure. Once again none of it sounds convincing, and Ward gets himself another shot in the arm. I have to say I love this trend SHIELD has of giving Ward his speeches he thinks are awesome only to have the team remind him he’s a jerk.

Close to the portal Fitz sees the ruins of an ancient civilization, something Will seems to know a lot about to say he never mentioned it to Jemma. Surprise Fitz, Will isn’t limping because he’s injured, he just happens to be a rotting body possessed by the entity!

The two fight and Coulson arrives just in time to shoot at Will, stopping him from killing Fitz. Ward uses the distraction to knock him down a hill and the two continue to fight while Will gets back to his feet and limps towards the open portal. Bullets don’t kill him but Fitz sets Will’s body on fire with the flare gun and finally puts him down. He turns back to call Coulson to the portal and though the portal is closing Coulson crushes Ward’s chest with his metal hand instead of just leaving him abandoned on the planet. He drops the hand by Ward’s body and the two walk off towards the portal.

As we hear Mack order May to blow the castle we have no idea just who made it out alive, even though Daisy struggled to hold the portal open for longer. The castle explodes but Andrew’s containment pod is seen flying from the rubble, just like how Joey was rescued in episode one. Reunions are had, hugs and kisses, happily ever after.

Oh also Ward’s reanimated dead body is back on earth somehow possessed by a powerful alien death machine, but, you know, that’ll have to wait for March.

Finally! It might be the last recap but I finally go to put this quote on something!

Finally! It might be the last recap but I finally go to put this quote on something!

Odds and Ends

  • At least this episode Hunter seems to know he has/goes along with terrible plans.
  • The blue planet seems a lot more boring this episode, which just reinforces how great Elizabeth Henstridge’s acting was when we had a whole episode set there.
  • Putting in a dream/memory scene of Rosalind only to have Coulson wake up next to a literal skull was just UNCALLED FOR.
  • “I’ll be damned, tatooine” I wonder if Coulson is still going to make time to go see The Force Awakens this weekend, even with everything going on.
  • What is with Giyera and floating guns? Does he have a very specific I Can Only Float Guns power? JUST USE YOUR HANDS! It doesn’t make your aiming any better, in fact it probably makes it worse!
  • Joey is just such a gift this episode, I am excited that he’s so excited about his powers.

Status Report

Honestly guys… this episode really bored me. To say it’s the episode where my most hated character of the show was finally killed off even that felt underwhelming.

While it’s kind of nice to see Daisy, May, and Bobbi all have bigger priorities than a petty revenge mission it also feels like such a let down from this show to have Ward finally be killed off for fridging Coulson’s girlfriend. It probably doesn’t help that while he’s dead there isn’t any actual loss of Brett Dalton’s presence on the show. The entity might not be Ward but the alien clearly has access to a body’s memories, so who knows how similar he might be in his characterization.

The fact the character, in some way, is now going to die twice kind of takes away the impact of either.

Where do we go next? Well, it’s hard to say for the team, everyone seems rather happy with the current outcome. They still have Andrew to track down however, and who knows how short their victory will be before Not!Ward shows his face again.

For us? Well, you can meet me back here in January when I’ll be reviewing Agent Carter during SHIELD’s off season. I made a big push for Agent Carter to be renewed for season two, but since then I (and I think a lot of the fandom) have been let down by the direction the show seems to be taking.

Lyndsy Fonseca is gone, without even being asked to return by the look of things, which seems like a big kick in the teeth to the Cartinelli fandom that really worked to try get the show renewed. The promised inclusion of a more diverse cast also does not seem to be going well, with yet more white male characters having been added to the cast.

With all this in mind I’m feeling a little more reluctant going into this than I expected to be after season one, but I promise to try not judge the show until I see it!

For now let me leave you all with the awards for this episode. It’s been fun guys, have a great time over the holidays!

Badass of the Week: Joey Gutierrez, welcome to the club buddy, you did great!

Scumbag of the Week: It, honestly no one really angered me enough this episode to give them this award but it did possess two dead bodies so…

Dialogue I probably loved way too much: “Maybe you didn’t hear but Melinda shot me.”
“Well I can’t say I blame her after how you’ve misbehaved.”

I just don’t care any more: Manpain. So much manpain.

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