Other Side of the Mirror #110 – Rumple’s Gonna Rumple, Season 5A Mailbag

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In this All Mailbag episode of Other Side of the Mirror, we check the pulse of the fandom and discuss the reaction to Season 5A. Included in this discussion are the following:

  • How fans define “Season 1”
  • Our amazement at the concept of characters and storylines being “on pause.”
  • An article from Entertainment Tonight where the creators discuss Dark Swan.
  • Closure??!
  • “A crime of opportunity” essentially meaning Rumple’s gonna Rumple
  • How Season 5 would’ve gone if Rumple never reclaimed the Dark One mantle
  • How Season 5 would’ve gone if Emma had sacrificed herself instead of Hook

And most of all, great feedbag from these Oncers:

  • @VRNSwift (Strawberried)
  • Mo
  • Karyn
  • Hope
  • Jamie
  • Paige
  • Andrea
  • Raissa

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