Other Side of the Mirror #109 – Five Star Garbage, Live Reaction to Swan Song

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This was our live reaction to Swan Song, season 5A’s winter finale. We recorded this WHILE watching, so you can live our emotions as they happened. We probably laughed longer and harder about this episode than any episode in a long time, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we apparently did.

And there was also a side dish of righteous outrage, as we watched the show’s final five minutes, where OUAT decided to Recycle ALL of the Plots and throw both Belle and Rumple under the bus once and for all.

Also: we play Parental Abandonment Bingo, ask the question “But did they have sex?”, use flawless logic to name the baby girl Cotton Mills, and establish a new “I Killed My Dad” Club (forgetting to make Regina a member in the process!)

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