Jessica Jones Recap 1.3 AKA It's Called Whiskey

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Jessica and Luke have the sex of two people who have had to hold back and stay in control so as not to hurt anyone and now suddenly finally have a partner who can withstand the full impact. They start flinging each other around Jessica’s apartment in reckless abandon — but Boy Twin is watching because Jessica’s door still doesn’t work. Surveillance is a main theme of this series and it’s interesting to see the many facets.

Luke and Jess take a break for dinner and an open discussion of powers and heroing. It’s a delightful scene. Both are very guarded, but also relieved and a bit eager to have someone to talk about this with. We learn Jessica got her powers in an accident and she tried to be a superhero and it ‘didn’t work out’. Luke thinks it’s impressive she tried and he sounds a tiny bit envious despite his stated choice to take care of himself and his own and stay out of the rest.

They return to Luke’s apartment, which has a working door and less or fewer nosy neighbors, to resume their activities — and break the bed in the process. Jessica pops into the bathroom again, opens the medicine cabinet and spies the photograph of a woman he keeps there. She flashes back to that woman falling and I assume we are finally finding out why she’s stalking Luke. He appears in the bathroom and tells her the woman, his wife, is dead. But I imagine Jess already knows. She mutters “Sorry”, again and bolts.

The city is abuzz with paranoia about super powered people thanks to Hope’s story that Kilgrave made her kill her parents. Plenty of people believe she’s lying, but they still have questions — and fears — about what these super heroes (and villains) can do. Jessica complains to Jeri that Hope is being crucified in the press and orders her to Do Something About It. Jeri turns it around on Jessica by asking her to testify as another of Kilgrave’s victims. Jessica decides to try and get Trish’s help with the press instead.

Jess finds Trish’s apartment different since she left it. Not only has Trish replaced Jessica’s room with a gym so she can train her body to be a weapon, she’s installed a super security system and a panic room. Jess tells Trish she’s found Kilgrave’s weakness: the super potent anesthesia drug used in his surgery knocks out his powers. Jess plans to get some and take him out. It’s just a problem of where to get it.

Jess needs drugs

She starts at the hospital but decides there are too many innocents she’d have to go through to steal it. Then she tries Jeri’s currently estranged wife, Dr. Wendy, who refuses her offer of help/dirt for the divorce proceedings and writes her a prescription for an antipsychotic because Jessica has issues. Next she approaches Luke but they end up back in bed. Luke can tell Jessica is feeling some feels about their coupling and asks what it is she’s afraid to say. She asks if he believes in mind control and he has a lot of reservations so she doesn’t say much more. Their pillow talk is painful to watch with Jessica’s confession hanging over it.

Boy Twin (Ruben) enlists Jessica’s help with Malcolm, who’d showed up in the twins’ apartment the way he had shown up in Jessica’s earlier and Girl Twin (Robyn) knocked him on the head with a trophy. Ruben apologizes for his sister, sort of, and posits that “everyone’s a little racist” which gives Jess an idea. She uses the dazed and confused Malcolm to get past the doctors and nurses in the hospital and finally scores some super knockout drug. Walking past Malcolm in custody for causing a ruckus she meets his eyes and her very healthy unhealthy guilt complex is clearly evident.

Jeri and Trish set up an interview with Hope. In theory it will both show the people Hope’s story is legitimate (or at least conceivable) and encourage more of Kilgrave’s victims to come forward. In execution Jeri suggests Hope is delusional which sets Trish off which attracts Kilgrave himself. Hope screams when she hears his voice and Jessica pulls Trish off the air in a belligerent panic (btw that’s the name of my new band).

Jeri and Hope

Last episode we saw Trish working with a trainer to learn self defense, this episode it comes into play when immediately after the interview goes mad a fan asks for an autograph and gets a punch in the nose. Rattled Trish goes home and locks the doors while Jess looks for clues. A cop shows up at Trish’s door to ask questions about the assault and her first instinct is to refuse him entry into her safe space. Unfortunately she becomes convinced it’s paranoia and unlocks the door only to have her gut proven right when he attacks. Trish fights back as hard as she can but the Kilgraved assassin is well trained and she goes down. The cop is strangling her when Jessica appears to tear him off her friend.

Jess uses the anesthesia to make Trish look dead and drops Trish’s phone into the cop’s pocket when he goes to leave the scene of the crime. She follows the signal to Kilgrave’s swank new apartment where she witnesses the cop tell Kilgrave Trish is dead. Kilgrave dismisses the cop — right off the roof. Jess realizes he’s going to jump to his death at Kilgrave’s orders and intervenes to save him, which alerts Kilgrave to her presence. Kilgrave runs, Jess chases, and is confronted by the Kilgraved family whose apartment he took over. She loses Kilgrave but saves the cop and discovers a room full of printed photos of Jessica, taped to the wall, strewn across the floor, and printing as we watch together. Jessica realizes Kilgrave has had someone or someones following her for weeks.

During the battle Jess revisits the last time she saw Kilgrave. She killed Luke’s wife on his orders and then threw herself in front of a train to escape it. She’s been stalking Luke out of guilt (and maybe to know why Kilgrave targeted them?). Post battle she appears at Luke’s door and tells him they can’t see each other anymore. She doesn’t explain why and Luke doesn’t press. Their walls are intact, and strong.



  • Who is Malcolm and what is Jessica’s relationship to him? I’m beginning to worry he’s a Kilgraver.
  • I’ve decided to call Kilgrave’s victims Kilgravers.
  • I understand the cop is a regular so we haven’t seen the last of him. Maybe he and Jess and Hope can start a Kilgraver Support Group.
  • Seriously everyone in this series could use some therapy.
  • In addition to the overt line “everyone is a little bit racist”, Luke asked if it was ‘a racial thing’ Jess was afraid to tell him. Racial relations is another thematic undercurrent — for example the city would more easily accept Jess as a superhero than Luke regardless of which is more suited to it.

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