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Jessica Jones Recap 1.2 AKA Crush Syndrome

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Jessica is being interrogated by the police in regards to the Hope Shlottmon case. She doesn’t lie but she doesn’t give anything away. I suppose even in the Marvel universe (particularly the darker ground level version of the Netflix series) mind control is a hard explanation to prove, sell, or swallow. Hope is in prison and Jessica needs to build a case before Jeri will take her on as a client. Jeri may be willing to defend killers, but not losers.

Her investigation starts with the bus accident that didn’t kill Kilgrave after all. This involves sneaking into a hospital by impersonating a cat-loving heart festooned nurse and dropping references to both E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy, which only makes me love her more. One ambulance driver left the scene suddenly and didn’t resurface for days which Jess correctly infers to be Kilgrave’s doing. She finds him disabled and desperate to escape what his life has become — confined to a broken body with only his mother and her religion as company. He’s hooked up to a very expensive dialysis machine, donated by an unknown benefactor, because he lost both kidneys.

Kill Me

Jessica tracks the machine to a Dr. David Carata, a surgeon-turned-professor who runs out of his classroom when Jess shows up. She chases him down and gets the whole story about Kilgrave’s brush with death and that he’s alive only due to the kidney transplant from the driver. The good doctor is not inclined to tell his story, but Jess is persuasive. She calls Jeri and he tells her enough to convince her to take on Hope’s case. Hope is not particularly grateful to Jess or Jeri but I’ll chalk that up to Kilgrave’s mind tricks.

Trish is a meddler and she meddles all over Jessica’s life this hour. She practices her own bit of stalking, because she’s worried, but gets Jess to take her home for a talk. When Trish sees the still broken door on the apartment she tells Jess “You should move back in with me.” I put another check in the Ex-Lovers column. Jessica responds with an emotional outburst that only strengthens that belief  — the tldr is “I can’t risk you” which is patented superhero relationship talk — but does also include her calling Trish “my best friend” in a sweetly broken little voice and seriously I love this relationship so much no matter what they want to call it.

Jess and Trish

Anyway, Jess refuses the offer so Trish hires a guy to come in and fix the door. Jess misses the memo and attacks him which is just so endearing, and orders Trish to “Stay out of my life!” But when she’s calmed down — and gotten headway on the case, I’m pretty sure her mood is connected to her accomplishments — she calls to thank Trish for the new door-window-sign and invites her for a drink. Annnnnd check. Trish suggests lunch instead because she’s too busy learning self defense so she can be a superhero too.

Poor Luke was dragged into the Hope situation by way of the photos Jessica took during her stake out(s?). She pops over to apologize, but he’s feeling used. Jess tells him she was hired by the woman he’s sleeping with so yeah, he is being used.

Luke proceeds to break it off with Gina and tells her her husband hired a private investigator to follow them. She runs home to confront her husband and oops! he did not hire Jessica because he did not know about the affair. But now he does so he rounds up his rugby buddies to go attack Luke. Gina confronts Jessica and calls her a stalker so snaps for Gina.

Jessica runs over to Luke’s bar again and arrives at the same time as Andre and the rugby team. A bar brawl ensues and we can only hope it is the first of many because Luke and Jess fighting off the rugby team is a highlight of my last 3 months at least.

Jessica notices that Luke doesn’t get hurt when hit with glass and Luke notices that Jessica can throw men twice her size across the room without breaking a sweat so they are both Bad at Secret Identities. Or Super Observant Because True Love. Either or. Luke surprises Jessica in her home — making it three men in two episodes who’ve appeared in her apartment unannounced, but none of them trying to hurt her — to confront her about their shared secrets/knowledge. Jessica tries to shrug it all off but Luke is like, nah, and proves he can’t be cut by taking a power tool to his gut. Luke is not playing y’all.

Luke is unbreakable

He wants to know why she showed up in his bar. She tells him she wanted to fix things, he says he can’t be fixed. He’s unbreakable. Layers of meaning yet again.

Finally, Kilgrave makes his first real appearance when he worms his way into a new apartment by suggesting the family who lives there get the hell out of his way. Can you say creepy?


  • Both Hope and Carata tell Jessica Kilgrave is obsessed with her.
  • Luke says he doesn’t do “drama” or “complications.” Jessica is both.
  • We still don’t know why Jess was stalking Luke.
  • Trish started bleeding while on the phone with Jess. Was this due to her training or something else?
  • Does Jessica watch all medical dramas or only the popular ones?
  • The world of Jessica’s building is expanded when she meets AKA attacks her noisy upstairs neighbors, a pair of fraternal twins. Boy twin develops a crush and girl twin vows to end her if she doesn’t stay away.

    -People distract me.

    -People distract me.

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