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Gravity Falls fans have been waiting with scared breath to see if the show would be renewed for season three. On November 20th, creator Alex Hirsch tweeted out this message:

alexHe went onto say in a tumblr post:

There’s no easy way to say it so I’m just going to say it: Gravity Falls is coming to an end. There are two more episodes left: “Weirdmageddon II: Escape from Reality” and “Weirdmageddon III” which will be our hour long series finale. After that, Gravity Falls as we know it will be over.

I know how tough this will be for many fans, and I feel you guys. But before you start sending me .GIF’s of pitchforks and torches let me explain.

The first thing to know is that the show isn’t being cancelled- it’s being finished. This is 100% my choice, and its something I decided on a very long time ago. I always designed Gravity Falls to be a finite series about one epic summer- a series with a beginning, middle, and end. There are so many shows that go on endlessly until they lose their original spark, or mysteries that are cancelled before they ever get a chance to payoff.

But I wanted Gravity Falls to have a mystery that had a real answer, an adventure that had a real climax, and an ending that had a real conclusion for the characters I care so much about. This is very unusual in television and a pretty big experiment, and Disney for their part has been enormously supportive. I know that hits are rare in this business, and its hard to let one of them go, so I’m so grateful that this company has had the vision to let me start (and end) the show the way I always wanted to.

Gravity Falls has become a powerhouse on Disney XD constantly being number one in its times slot and being the second highest rated show in the network’s history.

Why didn’t they come out sooner with this news? Mr. Hirsch was at San Diego Comic Con. Why not say it then?

Because he wasn’t allowed to at the time. Not because Disney silenced him. They hoped he would change his mind. He stated:

The truth is, it wasn’t up to me. Before we started Season 2, my writers and I decided that this season would be the last. I wanted to announce this to the world at large then, but I was restricted from doing so, mainly because I think a lot of people were hoping I’d change my mind.

But Gravity Falls was never meant to be a series that goes on and on forever. It’s meant to be an exploration of the experience of summer, and in a larger sense a story about childhood itself. The fact that childhood ends is exactly what makes it so precious- and why you should cherish it while it lasts.  

He also thanks his fans, cast, and crew for the hard work put into the series:

No words can describe how grateful I am for the millions of fans who have cherished Gravity Falls for the time that it’s been on air. Running a TV show, especially one where you write, direct, supervise, and co-star, can be an incredibly grueling experience. But every hand-written letter, tweet, tattoo, piece of art, costume and creation from the fans made this enormous undertaking worthwhile. To the Gravity Falls fandom- I love you guys. You’re weird and clever and smart and curious and have been a constant inspiration to me and the crew. You’ve picked us up when we felt down and pushed and inspired us to do the best work we possibly could. I hope you enjoy watching our finale as much as we enjoyed dreaming it up.

I know that there will be many fans who will be sad to see the Pines family go, but just because I’ve finished the story I wanted to tell doesn’t necessarily mean we will never see Dipper, Mabel, & Stan again. It means that this chapter is closed, and that I, at least for now, am personally done telling their story.

I want to thank Disney, my amazing cast and crew, and most of all our fans for taking this unforgettable road trip with me through the redwoods into a place called Gravity Falls. I look forward to seeing what adventure we go on next.
Your pal,

Alex Hirsch

alex 2

I 100% support Mr. Hirsch in this decision. He’s right that many shows go on too long (seriously, how is Grey’s Anatomy still on?) or never fully solve their mysteries (see LOST and/or Once Upon A Time). This is a brave choice on his part when they could have milked the crap out of Gravity Falls for several seasons. It would have lost that magic, though, like many shows do. It’s always a respectable choice to end a project on your terms.

Gravity Falls has been one of my favorite shows in the last few years. If I’m having a bad day, I pull it up on my DVR. I’ve recently shared it with my step mom, and now she’s a fan. I’ve praised the continuity in both conversations and comparing it to other adults shows who can barely remember what they did an episode beforehand. It’s reached well beyond it’s demographic where entire families can enjoy it. It’s rare to have a show that will stay with you for years. I know I will love Gravity Falls and share it with my nieces and nephew. I hope to return to my episode recaps one day. Reviewing this show was one of my first projects with What the Fangirl. Work conflicts has kept me from continuing it. I look forward to getting back to that. This is one of the smartest fandoms I’ve ever been a part of. I’m proud to be in the Gravity Falls fandom. You guys really are weird and wonderful.

I will never forget the characters of Gravity Falls.

Thank you to Pacifica Northwest who taught us our family doesn’t define us.

Thank you to Gideon Gleeful who taught us no matter what terrible choices we’ve made, we can still change and do the right thing.

Thank you to Stan Pines who taught us money isn’t everything. You’re truly rich with the ones you love.

Thank you to Ford Pines who taught us knowledge isn’t everything especially if it hurts the ones you love.

Thank you to Soos Ramirez who taught us that despite a rough upbringing and hardships, you can live positively and love your life.

Thank you to Wendy Corduroy who taught us being a woman doesn’t mean you have to be feminine. You can be a tree climbing, unicorn punching, sweaty animal and take what you want from life.

Thank you to Dipper Pines who taught us a hero doesn’t have to be physically strong. You can use your wits and book skills to save the world.

Thank you Mabel Pines, our Shooting Star, who is so precious to me. I see so much of myself, my niece, the ten year old girl I used to nanny, and many other little girls in her. Mabel teaches us to be ourselves even if society thinks it’s weird. Your true friends will find you. The ones who you care about will love you no matter what. Be yourself, because then you’ll truly be happy and will shine brighter than anything else. Mabel, you will always be a role model to people everywhere and will never be forgotten.

And finally to Alex Hirsch, the cast, and the crew:

Thank you. Thank you for this amazing journey. Thank you for your creativity, time, hard work, and dedication. Thank you for showing that families aren’t perfect. Thank you for showing us that siblings can fight and make up even when one is lost in a void for thirty years. Thank you for bringing this eclectic small town to life with it’s enchanting inhabitants. Thank you for the smart, creepy, and insane villains that pushed the boundaries of what you can do for a television show. Thank you for not bending to the will of censors knowing that children were smart enough to appreciate this kind of programming. Thank you for not writing down to kids but giving them quality television that’s meaningful. Thank you for being original and ending on a high note.

Most of all, thank you for the amazing experience. It’s been a hell of a ride.

Hope set out into the world to be a Pokemon Coordinator. When she realized that Pokemon were not real, she pursued her other passion: writing. Hope was raised in fandoms and saw how they can help save the world from her work with The Harry Potter Alliance. Now, she works to bring that love into writing one article at a time. She's also a diehard Atlanta Braves fan, so don't diss her team.

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