Other Side of the Mirror #107 – Two Hours We’ll Never Get Back, Instant Reaction to Birth & The Bear

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This is our instant reaction to episodes 8 and 9 of season 5 of Once Upon A Time, Birth, and the Bear King. We begin with our disconnect with the character of Emma Swan and wonder why they reset her emotionally after every single season.

*Emma is freaking out because Hook was buying her a dream house? Emma has had to let her guard down for her parents, Henry, Ruby, August, Neal, Regina, Elsa, Lily – and Hook for like 4 seasons now. But she’s still afraid of love? We call bs.

*We discuss Outlaw Queen and the lack of screen time, and touch on why Regina’s character progression has been better than Emma Swan’s.

With respect to whatever episode 9 was, we share an article from the show runners about what they thought they were actually doing and have a great laugh at their expense. We have many thoughts about watching the series for five years as members of the LGBT community, and none of them are very good. We rage.

*They promoted a thing (an LGBT relationship) that literally did not exist in this episode at all and then expect us to throw them a parade. No.

*We discuss the Netflix show Masters of None and how it’s so good because it is written by people inside the cultures it is discussing; whereas Once is tone deaf and not created by anyone inside the LGBT community.

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