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The Beauty, the Sinful, and the Hero! This week in comics!

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Another week of comics has rolled in! Let’s check out an independent title, a new Superman, and one issue I missed a few months ago!

Beauty #1

TheBeauty_01-1I completely missed Beauty in my pull list. After looking everywhere for the first issue, I was finally able to get my hands on a second printing.

A new STD is roaming around. It makes you thinner, grows back hair loss, and gives you a perfect complexion. You become the most beautiful version of yourself. Everyone is trying to catch it. That is until one day the disease makes a girl internally explode.

The first issue follows the police investigating the incident. One of the officers has the Beauty disease, and she hates it. Now that it’s officially killing people, I’m assuming the direction will be focused on finding the cure.

There’s also the set up for a “them versus us” scenario. People who have contracted the Beauty virus are hated by those who are still normal. I can see this comic becoming a social commentary too. Do all the Hollywood stars want to get the virus? We’ll have to see.

My only real problem with the comic is I don’t know any of the characters names. It took two readings just to find one of their names. I still don’t know who the main police man is. This is a personal beef. I like knowing who my characters are so I can refer to them when trying to sell the comic in my store.

All around, great first issue! It was definitely worth the hunt.

I gave Beauty #1 8.5 our of 10 porcelain humans.

The Goddamned #1

Goddamned_01-11600 years after Adam and Eve are kicked out of Eden, humankind is a shit hole. Literally people are defecating in their water supply. Violence and disease are rampant. Humans are pretty much God’s failed experiment. Now in this retelling of early New Testament Biblical stories, a man who cannot die now searches for the one thing he desires most:


I swear Jason Aaron, the writer, doesn’t sleep. He just finished Thors, works on Marvel Star Wars, and has The Mighty Thor #1 coming out next week. Now we have The Goddamned. Take a nap, man! I followed Aaron’s work to this title, because he’s becoming one of my new favorite writers. I love his work on Marvel Star Wars. I’m so excited for the new Jane Foster Thor starting up. I definitely wanted to give this one a try.

I don’t want to talk too much about the plot, because it will give away the big reveal that really tied the issue together. That being said, I understand why Aaron said in an interview that this wouldn’t be a title for everyone. There’s a lot of Biblical themes that just won’t jive well with some people. My issue was more with the art. I’m not into gory comics. That’s not what I like to read. Also with the writing, it felt too colloquial with modern slang. It took me out of the time period once I realized when this was set.

That being said, I’m intrigued on where this is going especially when a major Bible character showed up at the end. I think I’m going to at least stick around a few more issues.

I gave The Goddamned #1 7 out of 10 mysterious wanderers.

Superman American Alien #1

SM-AMALIEN-1-55ca28704e30a5-04402646Superman wasn’t always the high flying superhero we know today. He was once a scared boy dealing with powers he didn’t understand. This miniseries takes a look at how a boy became a God among men.

I should preface this by saying I’ve never been a fan of Superman. He’s one of those heroes that’s always bored me. I rarely find him interesting except for a few instances (I love him in Kingdom Come). The premise of this title, though, intrigued me. I love a good origin story, and it didn’t disappoint especially with a comic I didn’t know what to expect.

Superman American Alien reminded me a lot of Avatar: the Last Airbender. I’m a huge Avatar fan, and I could see Clark in a similar role to Aang. Both are young and have immense powers thrust upon them that they don’t understand. They don’t have anyone to train them and rely on those closest to them for guidance. I did get the sense of Clark’s father regretting taking in this kid. I hope that plays out.

People who are fans of Superman tell me all the time it’s Clark’s morals that make him such a great character. He has the power to destroy the world but chooses to protect it. I really saw the beginnings of that struggle when Clark got angry and embarrassed leading him to decimating a bathroom mirror.

My only real problem was the art seemed a bit off. Facial proportions didn’t quite line up. Some of the eye placement was just skewed off enough for me to notice. Though, it wasn’t enough of a distraction for me to dislike it as a whole.

If the cover is any indication of a darker path, I’m on board with this miniseries. That’s a lot coming from me, because I really can’t stand Superman. Good job, DC Comics. You might make a fan out of me yet.

I gave Superman American Alien #1 8 out of 10 baby superheroes.

What were some of your favorite comics that came out this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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