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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Episode 6: “Among Us Hide” Recap

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After leaving that cliff hanger… well, hanging, for an extra week, SHIELD jumps straight in to confirming that Andrew is in fact alive after Hydra’s attempt at killing him off. This is good news for Hunter because I’m not sure even Coulson could stop May from killing him if Andrew had been killed.

Hunter continues to fall further and further down my list of Characters I Care About with his complete lack of remorse over his choices, and I suppose the same can be said for Coulson since Hunter is instantly off Ward Killing 101 and May is on.

*the distant sound of fangirls sobbing*

The Team-Up of a Lifetime

May decides to recruit Bobbi in a scene that had me terrified that the SHIELD writers were about to have her blame Bobbi for Hunter’s terrible choices. After attacking her and being disarmed May rules that Bobbi is recovered enough to join her on the mission against Ward and I scream a little because my dream is coming true. This is who should have been entrusted to take down Ward in the first place, but it doesn’t stop Hunter from continuing to treat Bobbi like she’s made of glass.

My only hesitation with this storyline is there is no way Ward (who had trouble fighting off Bobbi after she’d been tortured for hours and had stuff shoved up her fingernails) would ever be able to survive May and Bobbi together, but the show might still find a way to make it happen simply because they don’t want to kill him off.  If this is true it might be one of the shows main weaknesses, because a villain you can’t kill off leads to repetitive fights and last minute escapes that quickly drain the show of suspense.

Over on Hydra’s side of things Ward continued to complain that someone daring to try kill him and Andrew isn’t dead. My love for his henchman grows as he points out over and over how this all happened because Ward sucks as a leader. I’m still confused by if I’m meant to take find Ward threatening or find his attempts at being a Big Bad hilarious. I don’t know what it is about his storyline but at this point I seem to have been rendered incapable of taking him seriously.

This is all I hear when Ward is talking, honestly.

This is all I hear when Ward is talking, honestly.


Strucker, despite Ward dubbing him the perfect choice for his new Hydra, has gone on the run after his failed mission and now it’s a race between Hydra and SHIELD to find him first.

Having worked out who Andrew’s new student really is, Bobbi and May jet to the bank where his Hydra funds just went live. I have to say I love this scene of Bobbi and May talking freely in mandarin in front of the guy scanning their fake IDs. It shows so easily how these two can use the fact they’re women to stay unsuspecting, with Bobbi acting as Business Woman May’s translator and brushing off any additional talking they do as May loving the man’s tie, something he readily accepts after a flirty look from May.

But our super spies aren’t always perfect, and an alarm in the bank is tripped after they blow open a whole room of safety deposit boxes. Bobbi tries to talk their way out of the situation, even with May protesting, but Bobbi is unable to convince everyone and the two fight their way back out of the bank. May later gives Bobbi what I guess counts as a pep-talk (from her at least) while on the plane, accusing Bobbi of trying to talk her way out of things because she’s gun shy after what happened to her. She also reminds her she’s better than she was because of her experience.

Some of the looks we see from Bobbi in this scene makes me think that maybe what’s worrying her is letting go and acting like Hunter did. Is it possible she’s worried that when faced with Ward she could do things as horrible as what he did to her? She’s seemed relatively calm in the lab all season, but she’s clearly being dealing with a lot we haven’t seen.

Back with the bad guys we see Hydra Dad receive a phone call from the Hydra head that Strucker has gone running to for protection. Malick gives up Strucker’s location for a future favour from Ward, even if he does sound convinced that Ward still had no idea what he’s doing. Thanks to this information Strucker is already being tortured by Ward’s second in command when May and Bobbi arrive, and Bobbi chases #2 Kebo out into the pool area while May fights off the henchman inside and tries to save Strucker.

It’s here we see Bobbi take May’s experience speech to heart and using her new batons, upgraded à la Black Widow, to electrocute the pool with Kebo in it. R.I.P. Hydra Henchdude, Bobbi Morse is back.


Inside May holds Strucker while he’s dying and tries to get some last information out of him though what she hears isn’t anything she would ever want to know. ANDREW is Lash, and in a flashback we see him transform and kill off the Hydra goons with Strucker. He sets the fire himself, though it’s interesting to note he does this when back in his human form and not while Lash, making it clear he knows what he’s doing and isn’t simply being taken over by something. This is reflected in the stinger during his moment with Daisy, though we’ll get back to that in a minute.


On the other side of this episode, back before the big reveal, Daisy thinks Lash might be someone working for Rosalind and Coulson gives her permission to investigate as long as Rosalind doesn’t become aware of it while they’re on their date. On their way to the ATCU facility Rosalind gets a phone call saying her house has been broken into and has to bring Coulson along after he refuses to leave. Coulson quickly becomes suspicious that the whole thing is a set up to make him warm to Rosalind more before he sees the facility and what they’re doing there, because women can’t like baseball or hamburgers.

After Daisy wondering out loud why Lash spared her, to Lash, and saying that she saw him turn into a human, to Lash, she’s called away from Lash by Mack, who thinks he’s worked out who Lash might be. Spoiler Alert: he’s wrong, but Daisy and Mack set out after Luther Banks anyway, a ATCU high up that knows the information Lash would have needed for his attacks.

Hunter tags along, despite the fact both Mack and Daisy aren’t very happy with him right now either, and quickly decided shooting Banks with a icer is the best way to go about things. Getting hold of his blood does turn out to be the easiest way to rule out Banks as Lash, but I have no idea where the show is heading with Hunter and his anger issues this season. If Bobbi and Hunter are in fact being given a spin-off show all they’re doing is making me wish it was The Mockingbird Only show.

Banks is a bust but his phone does lead them straight to the ATCU facility and Daisy finally witnesses what has been happening to the Inhumans.

This scene from Firefly, basically.

This scene from Firefly, basically.

Rosalind has these people in suspended animation until she can find a cure for them, something she couldn’t do from her husband when he was dying of cancer. Coulson is surprisingly sympathetic here and not at all completely against the idea like Daisy is, and while it’s understandable why there are still some issues here. No doubt some of the Inhumans would gladly go into this suspended state until they can be cured, but the ATCU doesn’t seem to be giving them a choice in the matter. Daisy, on the other hand, seems to want everyone to learn to live with their powers, which probably isn’t the right answer either.

After a little more flirting between Coulson and Rosalind (she wants him to liiiiike her) our final scene if between Daisy and Andrew, with Andrew trying to (not at all subtly) find out Lincoln’s location from her since they still seem to be sharing the odd phone call.

Odds and Ends

  • Hunter continues to show what an ass he is by telling Fitz he shouldn’t rescue a guy from an alien planet because he’s the competition for Jemma’s affections.
  • Fitz is doing the right thing for once,  but still not for the decent human reason of this guy is trapped on an alien planet, but because he “owes him” for keeping Jemma alive.
  • Anyone that thinks Jemma couldn’t have kept herself alive sucks.
  • Jemma seems to be doing better and seems amused by getting to council Andrew instead of the other way around.

Status Report

This is a great episode for both Bobbi and May, and as much as I loved Bobbi’s lab coat it really reminds us what we’ve been missing now we get to see her back in the field.

Rosalind too is a great character this episode, and the show has built on the interest she quickly brought in the first episode and made her a fantastic addition to the show. It seems clear that she’s a lot more complex than Daisy is seeing her and she isn’t the bad guy of this season. Hopefully the two can learn to balance each other out more, and come to some kind of agreement that truly helps all inhumans in the way they would like to deal with their powers.

I would also like to add a new award category here because I feel like we need to start keeping track.

Badass of the Week: Bobbi Morse

Scumbag of the Week: Lance Hunter

(I’ve resisted giving awards so far, now that I’ve finally given in to my urges I can’t promise more categories won’t be added.)

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