NaNoWriMo Prep: Spreadsheets, Calendars and Meters

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We’re now in day 3 of NaNoWriMo, and those word counts should be climbing! This is much easier said than done, but hang in there. Now you’re thinking “How in the world will I ever get that word count?!” Well, there’s some tools to help you with that.

These spreadsheets and calendars are already proving helpful for me, because they let me see exactly where I should be to meet my goal for my novel on each day. Margie’s 2015 NaNoWriMo Calendars have fun themes (Doctor Who! Little Mermaid!) and the word count you need for each day. Of course, your word count may vary but these are perfect to use as inspirational wallpaper.

There are also other calendars, such as this clean and modern one by Dave Seah. I love the way you can fill in your progress on the side. It’s perfect for printing and storing in a planner, perhaps. You can download it at Dave’s site.


Want more calendars? Check out these Deviant Art users’ work.

Once you’re set for word count calendars for your NaNo novel, maybe you need a plot calendar? A Writing Vicenano-plot-calendar has a very cool one of different plot ideas to move your story.  You can see it below. Maybe you look at it throughout the month and see which of the ideas you need to change up your plot a bit.

Now it’s time for spreadsheets. I really love spreadsheets. I use them to track my work, my bills, etc, and of course, word counts. You can make your own, but if you aren’t very familiar with Excel, you can use these. They’ll help you countdown how many words you have to go.

spreadsheetJodotha on the NaNo forum has made a vintage chic spreadsheet (pictured here) that “features a customizable Total Goal, averages of progress, and projected word count based on your progress and more. It comes pre-loaded with a decreasing daily word goal (more words per day at the beginning of the month, decreasing until only one word is required on November 30th), and can be customized. You can find it available for download here.

Elsewhere on the boards, Imaginary_World has a spreadsheet for Excel or Google Drive.

Do you want to share your progress with the world? Grab a meter for your tumblr, personal website, blog, or anywhere else you want to put it!

Writertopia has two HTML meters that display your word count. The two sentence line of code is easy to use. Language is a Virus features a meter that lets you customize the bar color and end word goal count.

How’s your novel coming?! 


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