Stream These Classic Halloween TV Episodes for Your Halloween Weekend

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Halloween episodes are a tried and true staple of television. If you’re bored with Halloween movies and need to veg-out this weekend, why not revisit some of these classic episodes?

How I Met Your Mother – “The Slutty Pumpkin”

How I Met Your Mother did not end well (and we are not over it), but its first five seasons were absolutely stellar. In “The Slutty Pumpkin” Ted tells the tale of his Halloween nights, where every year he goes to the same party with the hope of meeting a girl there who he rand into many years before. He knows her only as “The Slutty Pumpkin.” We never see her face. After several years of references, we finally meet the Slutty Pumpkin, who turns out to be Katie Holmes. This episode has everything we used to love about HIMYM, including a Ted who was a romantic-dorky-dreamer rather than an annoying-neurotic-jerk. Also, Ted went as a Hanging Chad. (You had to be there in 2000, kids). Season 1, episode 6.


Parks and Recreation – “Halloween Surprise”

This is one of the most memorable episodes of Parks and Recreation. Leslie is dealing with a big job offer for Ben, which she really believes he should take, even though he would need to relocate to Washington D.C. Meanwhile Ron’s relationship with Diane is tested when he has to take her little girls trick-or-treating. (Whoever came up with the idea of Ron and two little girls is a genius). But what makes the episode so memorable is the final scene, when Ben unexpectedly turns down the job, gets down on one knee and proposes to Leslie. Watch Adam Scott and Amy Poehler during the long pause when Leslie tells him to wait so she can remember everything about that moment. You will bawl.

Friends – “The One With the Halloween Party”

Friends only did one Halloween episode and it was a great one. Sean Penn guest stars as Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula’s fiance. Phoebe goes as Catwoman and Monica as Supergirl, a full 10 years before Supergirl debuted on CBS. Chandler and Ross spend the whole episode arm wrestling. And of course Ross create a “Spud-nik” costume = Potato + Sputnik. Season 8, episode 6.


The Office – “Halloween”

Michael is supposed to fire someone by the end of the month but as Halloween rolls around he still hasn’t been able to let anyone go. Jim and Pam prank Dwight by putting his resume on the internet, scoring him an interview, which he promptly ruins by arguing about why martial arts is essential to his resume. Jim dresses as “Three Hole Punch” Jim, Dwight goes as a Sith Lord and Kevin as Mr. Incredible. When Creed convinces Michael to fire Devon, Devon reacts badly and Michael can’t understand why they can’t remain friends. Since it’s the second season, there’s all that unresolved tension between Pam and Jim. Season 5, 5th episode.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer – “Fear, Itself”

Buffy and her friends are trapped in a haunted frat house (which later became the set for American Horror Story‘s Murder House), where they have to fight off bats and zombies on Halloween. Someone accidentally summons the fear demon when a drop of Oz’s blood spills on the Mark of Gachnar, unleashing actual Hell. The deepest fears of each character manifest themselves, meaning this episode works as character analysis, humor and horror. Season 4, episode 4.


American Horror Story Murder House – “Halloween”

This is a two parter where the story behind Murder House is revealed. Tate and Violet take their romance to the Ouija board, where they get the full details on Dr. Robert Montgomery, the reason his son was kidnapped and the horrifying thing he did with his son’s body. We learn the backstory between Chad and Patrick, complete with the origin of the Rubber Man. Constance’s daughter runs into traffic and gets killed, and we learn more about Tate’s darkness. In other words, a typical episode of Murder House. Season 1, episodes 3 and 4.


Gilmore Girls – “Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number”

Lorelei and Rory are not talking when Rory turns 21, foiling their longtime plans to celebrate her 21st birthday party in Atlantic City playing 21 when she turns 21. Richard and Emily find out Rory is having sex with Logan and that is hilarious. Lorelei tries to convince Luke to join her Mad Scientist Halloween sketch. Richard figures out he’s made a mistake, Rory realizes she’s made a mistake, Luke has a hilarious joke about the D.A.R., Madeline Albright cameos in a dream… the episode is wistful and funny and everything you love about The Gilmore Girls.


Happy Endings – “Spooky Endings”

Ah, Happy Endings. We got three amazing seasons out of this modern-day version of Friends. Penny and Max hilariously dress as a mother and her baby bjorn (you must see it to believe it.) Dave and Alex are just being friends when they totally forget to flirt and hit on other people at the Halloween party. Brad and Jane are going to dress as bacon and egg when they try out house-sitting in the suburbs, which they hate, and then engage in a war with suburban trick-or-treaters. This episode found the show pretty much in full-flight, as everyone gelled and the comedy just rolled.


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