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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Episode 4: “Devils You Know” Recap

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We start off this week by discovering even Inhumans have no idea when chicken is ready. An Inhuman we met last season, Alisha, has been sent to check on a couple of friends with powers only to discover they received a mysterious email a few days before. The friends are quickly killed with the reappearance of Lash, and I have to wonder how Alisha’s powers work exactly. She has the ability to make multiple copies of her body and while the one in the apartment is killed the original seems to be safe on a SHIELD jet. She’s in pain but she’s alive, and I wonder how many times her doubles can be killed before she doesn’t recover.

I also have to wonder just how everything went between SHIELD and Afterlife once Daisy’s mother was dead, and how many Inhumans they are now in contact with.

Daisy and Mack move in too late to save the group of Inhumans, but Daisy takes off after Lash the Hedgehog, determined not to let him get away. Mack is once again dragged into his partner’s crazy alien drama but neither are happy when the “backup” sent by Coulson turns out to be the ATCU.

Daisy is just as distrusting of the ATCU as she was last episode, even with Rosalind trying to sweet talk Daisy and her powers a little. The whole relationship between Daisy/Coulson/Rosalind this episode just screams rebellious teenager that doesn’t like dad’s new girlfriend. Daisy is clearly team May in this situation.

From the laptop SHIELD recovered Daisy is able to check the email received by the couple before they were killed. Despite the fact the ATCU knows nothing about the laptop Coulson gives orders to share the intel. Daisy soon returns with the news that all the other Inhumans they’ve recovered were sent the same email, and despite the help Daisy continues to be suspicious, Rosalind’s team failed to see the virus at all which just doesn’t seem possible.

Daisy also calls out Coulson’s moon eyes for Rosalind.

Daisy will never be team Coulsalind (Roulson? Philind?)

The suspect is Dwight Frye, an IT guy and recent Inhuman and upon arrival at his home SHIELD are met by the ATCU. When Daisy finds him hiding in a closet Frye is covered in boils and screams at Daisy to leave, and it quickly becomes clear her presence is what is causing his rash. He calms down once she leaves, but Coulson still has to use his robot hand Force choke to get some answers. Frye argues that Lash is only doing the right thing, that he doesn’t enjoy it. He’s filled with a lot of self-hatred, which is understandable considering the powers he’s been given.

Mack and Daisy are on the way with the ATCU and Frye when Lash attacks the holding van, killing Frye and injuring Mack but suspiciously leaving Daisy unharmed. I know very little about Lash from the comic books, but it seems Lash might consider Daisy worthy of her powers. Be this because of her control or the fact she fights back against him we don’t know, but it’s interesting he seemed to be after Lincoln at the beginning of the season if either of these are what he measures worthiness against.

Daisy is also treated to a view of Lash’s shadow as he leaves the crime scene and discovers that Sonic can turn into a real boy! (That was a bit of a mixed reference there, oh well.)

This really feels like a "surprise bitch, bet you thought you'd seen the last of me" caption, and yet it's not.

This really feels like a “surprise bitch, bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” caption, and yet it’s not.

Rosalind being Lash is a bit of an easy setup I don’t see coming true. I think it’s more likely we will see Daisy having to accept that good and evil is a little more grey than she would like and finally realize Rosalind does have good intentions. That’s not to say this moment didn’t make me laugh in the best way though.

The Continued Adventures of Hydra-Dad

This week Hydra-Dad is inspecting the guns brought in by the “tough bastard” that killed Spud. Ward continues to make his squint face while holding his gun sideways to fulfil his Cool Action Movie Guy fantasy and I’m reminded of the season one episode where he tells Fitz a gun is an ounce too heavy and everyone does their best Ward impression. Ah, simpler times.

Ah yes, these will be perfect for our Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions photoshoot

Ah yes, these will be perfect for our Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions photoshoot

Hunter is clearly too personally involved in this mission. He doesn’t care about innocents that might get in the way, he’s just determined to take out Ward before Bobbi is recovered enough to get back in the field. I really do hope Hunter isn’t given the kill on Ward, because “I want to keep my badass ex-wife safe” is such a boring way to take Ward out after all the stuff he’s done to women on the team.

May makes the call to go back to Shield and finally tell Coulson what’s going on because Hunter is being so irrational. May tries to get Hunter some more backup since he’s being so irrational, but most of SHIELD is busy and May has no idea when Hunter will be called in.

May also has a run in with Andrew while at SHIELD, and Coulson assures her they can get someone else as a consultant if he’s the reason she’s disappeared. Coulson and I agree, it really is like she never even left when we see May back at the base, and it only makes me miss her more! Hunter needs to wrap up his suicide mission so we can have May back on the team.

Andrew tries to set up a time for him and May to talk about why he left her during their vacation, but May shuts him down and I’m sure she’s regretting it when she discovers Hydra have taken Hunter in already and he’s face to face with Ward, Andrew is in trouble thanks to the Hydra member in his class.

Lets also pause here while I cackle at the fact Ward’s second calls him Director about five times during this scene, making it clear once again that Grant “I hate SHIELD” Ward wants nothing more than to copy everything SHIELD does.

Hunter makes it completely clear just how little he cares about anything but his revenge, risking Andrew’s life by attacking Ward. It’s a little unclear at the end if Andrew is actually dead or not, and we’re left to wonder until next episode. Ward gets away and I can only hope Hunter is benched after this, if Andrew dies or not.

Odd and Ends

The main thing I haven’t mentioned yet is Jemma’s continued recovery. While We don’t see much of her struggling this week we do see her continuing to research the monolith and the show ends with her asking for Fitz’s help to reopen the portal. He’s confused during the whole episode as to why she won’t share with him, though she does seem to be opening up to Bobbi. His understanding and patience with her from last episode seems to be quickly vanishing, which is disappointing.

Jemma also has a conversation with Andrew while he’s at the base. We see her tense up during the whole thing, she really doesn’t want to talk about her experience and we gain very little knowledge of what happened.

In a related scene Andrew makes it clear to Coulson that Jemma shouldn’t be put on field work any time soon and calls him out for telling him nothing about Alisha before sending her on a mission. I continue to wonder how many other Inhumans SHIELD is in contact with, even if they claim it isn’t really anyone but Joey.

Fitz is driving Bobbi crazy this week and just being the kind of awful person to her I would have never really expected from season one Fitz. He seems upset that Jemma is sharing things with her he doesn’t know about, and so he’s picking at the way she does her lab work.

Why do tv shows find romance storylines impossible without turning one of the people into a nasty person? It’s not that hard, guys.

Status Report

Overall this episode feels like a bit of a bridge, giving us more information about certain events and setting pieces in place for future episodes, so it isn’t the strongest by itself. The show continues in the right direction however, and if we keep up this kind of pace for the rest of the season we should be in for a good one.

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