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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Episode 3: “A Wanted (Inhu)Man” Recap

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I’ll admit it, Marvel and I are fighting right now. Between Captain Marvel once again being pushed further into the distance and Lyndsy Fonseca all but confirming Angie has been left out of Agent Carter season 2, we’re having a lovers’ quarrel. Despite all this, and despite my dislike of romantic Fitzsimmons (something that seemed unavoidable now the two have been reunited), I was determined to go into this episode without any biased. Maybe, just maybe, the show can help Marvel and I kiss and make up.

Welcome Home Jemma

Speaking of Fitzsimmons, lets start there. The team’s storylines are so separate this week it seems best to tackle them one at a time.

With Jemma back on earth there is a lot of adjusting to do. The planet she was trapped on for months seems to have been different in many, many, respects and it’s causing her a lot of problems readjusting. Sights, sound, even our gravity is causing problems for her. It’s hard to see Jemma so unsure and timid this episode, but Elizabeth Henstridge does an excellent job handling Simmon’s PTSD while still giving us little glimpses of the girl that disappeared into the monolith last season.

On a visit to the lab we get to see how Simmons is now seeing the world. Loud noises from the machines clearly make her panic, and it’s not surprising considering she was being hunted across a wasteland and any noise would mean trouble. While Fitz assures her nothing about her workspace has been changed Jemma clearly isn’t ready to get back to her love of science just yet, and asks to go back to her room.

In a recent interview Henstridge comments on how unromantic the interaction between Jemma and Fitz is right now, and it’s nice to see. Fitz seems like a caring friend, something we haven’t had much of since season one, but there’s no pushing Jemma’s storyline quickly into a romance instead of dealing with the lasting effects of what happened to her. A point to Marvel.

Simmons time alone in her room is interrupted by Daisy bearing Daisies. The flowers are “pretty and a reminder” but Daisy assures Simmons she can call her whatever she wants and apologizes for not being able to visit sooner. The scene is short, but we get our first actual smile from Jemma!

A ray of sunshine in the middle of all this PAIN

A ray of sunshine in the middle of all this PAIN

It seems Daisy might be the one Jemma is actually about to open up to, but unfortunately she gets called away (we’ll get to that in a minute) and we’re left to wonder once again about exactly what it was Jemma saw. Fitz, meanwhile, knows Jemma isn’t opening up to him, and has a talk with Bobbi about it. Maybe she doesn’t need reminding of what she loved, like the lab, Bobbi says, maybe she needs something new to look forward to.

Fitz’s answer to this is to take Jemma to the very restaurant they were meant to go on a date to months before. The whole restaurant is empty, there is complimentary wine, and Simmons finds out Fitz has been persistent enough to hold the reservation all this time. It’s a nice gesture, taking into account her current trouble with loud noises and a lot of people, but it’s still too much to handle and our last shot of the scene is Jemma crying. It’s clear this isn’t going to be a simple fix, and I have to applaud the show for taking her recovery as slowly as they did Fitz’s last season. Here’s hoping it isn’t instantly gone after a new season starts, however. This should be something that informs her character from now on, even if she overcomes her problems.

The restaurant isn’t our last scene with Jemma, however, but we’ll get back to that later.

Lincoln Vs The World

This episode’s main story is actually about Lincoln, but I feel like it’s the one I probably have the least to say about.

After refusing Daisy’s help in the first episode of this season Lincoln is now on the run from the ATCU. He’s still refusing all help from Daisy, but what she doesn’t know if Coulson and Mack have had him bugged this whole time. Daisy tries to bring him in again but once again Lincoln refuses and breaks the bug her call has tipped him off to.

Instead of letting Daisy help him, knowing full well she fought against her mother once she knew what she was doing, we are treated to a few scenes of Lincoln on the run, His face is on the TV however (wanted in relation to the attack in the hospital he was working in when we first saw him this season, thanks Rosalind) and that doesn’t make anything easy. Even his friend he trusts completely, John, turns on him after seeing what he’s apparently done.

We do get a few details about Lincoln’s life here however. It seems he’s an alcoholic and in the past has attempted suicide, from which John Donnelly talked him down. We still have no news of his mother, however, but after this episode the idea Rosalind could be his mother seems a little less likely. That or she has no problem risking her son being shot by telling all law enforcement he’s dangerous.

John has a heart attack after Lincoln uses his powers and this is what finally pushes Lincoln to reach out to Daisy. It’s a little late however, Maybe-Mother Rosalind’s team has already tracked him down again.

Lincoln hides out until Daisy arrives, and here we get to the main problem with this part of the episode. An unearned kiss between Daisy and Lincoln is what finally earns his trust, only for Lincoln to be taken away by the ATCU anyway, because Coulson has made a deal to keep Daisy safe.

This is no doubt set up for Daisy to rebel against Coulson. While I can see her doing this, Coulson does seem to be going a little darker this season, there’s no reason a romance with Lincoln is needed in order to achieve this. The two have seen each other once this season before now and the whole thing just feels rushed and out of nowhere. Daisy could call out Coulson without a would-be-boyfriend as a catalyst, and the relationship could have been given longer to develop.

On a positive note it’s good to see Coulson and Rosalind will now be working together so quickly, since the problems with the ATCU could have easily seemed like the show retreading “real SHIELD” territory if they stayed enemies. Daisy isn’t as happy as I am about this turn of events however, and she has ever reason not to trust them. Coulson isn’t winning any points with her and she leaves his office after the events of the day to blow off steam with Mack on the Xbox. Marvel loses a point again for not giving SHIELD a Playstation.

The First Rule of Fight Club

Okay, it’s time for a flashback, cue the sepia-tone.

So… Ward started a fight club. Cool Hydra Dad confirmed!

Ward is officially cheesy now, I honestly don’t know what to make of the current Hydra storyline. I’m not sure if we’re meant to find him sinister or if this is continuing to make fun of the fact he’s a giant hypocrite. The fact he spent last episode making speeches about privilege and then went and recruited a rich privileged kid makes me hope it is.

But yes this episode, though we don’t see Ward himself, Hunter and May meet up with an old contact of Hunter’s, Spud, that is friendly with Hydra. I feel a little worried Hunter knows a guy like this and May doesn’t seem to have many questions, but the whole meeting is played for laughs and the Brits are subtitled while they get drunk together.

Being British myself I have no idea if these are needed or not.

Spud breaks it to Hunter that he’s going to have to fight his way into Hydra if he wants any kind of meeting with the boss, thinking he and May want to unload a lot of weapons. While May wants to be the one to fight, not trusting that Hunter can win, the two agree news of a “small Asian women” beating all his men would quickly reach Ward. Considering Hunter seems to be using his real name I’m not sure why news of him wouldn’t reach Ward quickly either, but May hasn’t objected to this plan like I wanted so we continue.

There’s a lot of fighting, Hunter steps forward only to find himself fighting Spud of all people. The motive seems to be that Spud has caught on to him not being honest with his intentions, so I’m not exactly sure why he’s still getting his chance.

While May kicks the asses of three men that wouldn’t take no for an answer (this is so welcome, I’ve gone too long without seeing Ming-Na beat people up) Hunter continues to get beaten down and must resort to using brass knuckles to win. Unfortunately the attack also kills Spud, something that seems like it’s meant to be devastating to Hunter… though I don’t completely understand why since the guy is at least wannabe Hydra and no one on the team has ever had trouble killing Hydra members before this.

Overall I’m still not convinced by this plan, if it doesn’t fall apart half way through and result in Hunter and May having to improvise I’ll be shocked.

The Stinger

So that last scene with Jemma I failed to mention earlier, this is it. Bobbi discovers Jemma in the lab during the middle of the night, experimenting with the remains of the monolith. Bobbi tries to assure Jemma that the rock isn’t ever going to hurt her again, but the answer she gets is not at all expected.

“I have to go back.”

I think everyone watching just about screamed. As scared as Jemma is she still clearly as a mission she feels she needed to finish and I am so very impatient to see more.

Status Report

Overall this weeks episode was a lot more enjoyable than I’d let myself hope it would be. Jemma’s storyline, the one I was most worried about, was the best out of the three, and while Lincoln still isn’t too interesting his story has set up more interaction with the mysterious Rosalind.

Next episode looks like we will be visited by Lash again and perhaps get to see some of the Inhumans we met last season at Afterlife, so this might help fill in some of the months we didn’t see after the end of season two.

For now Marvel and I are a little unsteady still, but SHIELD always has a lot to keep me coming back to the universe, and this season is only just getting started.

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