Other Side of the Mirror #106 – That Old Black Magic, Recap of The Dark Swan and The Price

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This is our full recap of the first two episodes of Once Upon a Time season 5: The Dark Swan and The Price. Among our topics for discussion are the different philosophies of life held by Rumple and the Charmings (including Emma), Emma’s faith in Regina and why that faith did not work as she hoped it would, the various interpretations of True Love’s Kiss, the implications of the JJ Abrams “mystery box” theory and how it impacts OUAT, and your feedback.

Topics include:

  • This week in Theology 101, Emma and Rumple represent two sides of a religious debate over fate and free will.

  • This week in Personal Philosophy 203, we discover that Regina doesn’t actually like many people and discuss her biggest flaw.

  • This week on Days of Our Knives, Hook, Regina, Robin and Emma find themselves in a complicated quadrangle.

  • This week in the Study of Magical Objects, we renew our interest in magic-killing fitbits and the lore of will o’ the wisps.

  • This week in Publisher’s Weekly, we present a self-help books written by Rumple called “You Only Get One Chance” and a self-help book by the Charmings entitled, “Where there’s a Will, There’s a Way.

  • This week in Magical Theory, we realize that Belle is the only one who knows how to read.

  • This week in Swan Queen, we discuss the difference between Regina protecting Emma in season 3’s Neverland compared to how she is protecting Emma now; as well as whether Regina understands her own limits.

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