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Calling All Female Writers! Her Universe Launched a Press House!

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At New York Comic Con, Ashely Eckstein announced that Her Universe is expanding the company into a new venture. They are launching a publishing imprint called Her Universe Press.

She started the press conference by saying, “I come home from New York Comic Con with a stack of books… I would hear, ‘I wrote this book, but I don’t have an agent. I couldn’t get it published, so I printed it anyway to give to you.’ Or ‘I wrote this book, and I don’t know what to do with it. So, have a copy.’ I would get home and tell my husband and tell my team, ‘Man, there are so many amazing stories. I wish I had a platform to publish these books and get those stories out there.'”

Her Universe Press is looking for new writers who have never published before as well as ones who have tried publishing in the past. Here’s the kind of stories they’re looking for:

  • The audience range is tween, young adult, and adult
  • They have to be stories that are empowering, adventurous, hopeful, and exciting
  • Their accepting “anything under the broad umbrella of science fiction and fantasy that features a positive, empowering message/storyline with a focus on a female protagonist.”
  • Can be fiction or non-fiction
  • The word count is “60,000 words or longer for novels. Fewer pages are acceptable only if it is non-fiction.”
  • No comics or graphic novels
  • While the focus is for female writers, everyone can submit! They don’t want to exclude anyone!
  • You have to be 18 or older to submit. If not, you must have a parent’s permission.
  • The stories can feature male protagonists.

Her Universe is looking into if artists can be involved in the book making process for illustrations and covers.

All the submission guidelines are on the Her Universe Press website.

At the Her Universe Press panel, Miss Eckstein also announced their first two books for 2016! The first is The Confidence Chronicles.


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It’s written by Anne Convery and Ashley Eckstein and illustrated by Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). It follows the story of a twelve year old girl living in an alternate steampunk universe of the California gold rush. With her robotic owl Eureka, they discover the secrets hidden in her hometown.

Miss Convery advised young writers in the panel, “Don’t be nervous to submit. Do what you love. You’re going to be with your material for a long time, so you have to love it. If you love it, your passion will show through, and that passion is contagious… [Her Universe Press] is a safe place [to submit]. We want to read your work. We know what you are about, because we [as fangirls] are about it.”

Mr. Filoni (a personal hero of mine) also added about the project, “What purpose do our stories have if we don’t try to emulate them into our lives?” He described how it’s not the gender of the hero that’s  important but their heroic traits. He’s seen boys cosplaying female characters like Ahsoka Tano, because they loved that character and could relate to her. These are the kind of heroes they want to see for Her Universe Press.

The second book coming in 2016 is Weirdest written by comic book writer Heather Nuhfer (My Little Pony, Wonder Woman) and illustrated by Brenda Hickey.

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It follows a thirteen year old girl who wants to be the coolest girl in school. Her powers manifest in strange ways. No one wants to be the weirdest person! She must use her powers to solve a mystery.

Miss Nuhfer said to all writers that she had zero confidence and no contacts when she started. Don’t give up! You have to keep grinding to make any traction in the business.

Get those novels dusted off and submit them, ladies! This is a great opportunity to get your work out there!

You can watch the first part of the panel on Rebel’s Report’s periscope page.

Special thanks to Johnamarie of The Wookie Gunner for live tweeting the panel for this information. Also, thanks to Rebel’s Report for posting it!

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