Other Side of the Mirror # 105 – Siege Torturous, Instant Recap of Siege Perilous

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This is our instant reaction to episode 3 of season 5 of Once Upon A Time, Siege Perilous, where every character tortured each other and the viewers. Even Bri and her magic shush-hands couldn’t find the answer to the following questions:

1. How Evil Will King Arthur Be? Evil, Evil-Evil, Very Evil, or Once Upon a Time Level Evil?

2. Who’s Going to be the Savior/Needed-Hero? Time to Play Spot The Red Herring!

3. Why are David and Arthur like Bjorn Borg and How Come Bri Couldn’t Stop Alex from Talking About Tennis?

4. How much do we care about Camelot? A Little? A Modicum? A Lot?

5. Will Lancelot Come Between Charming and Snow? Answer is Hazy, Ask Again Later

6. How Many Second Chances Did Regina Get? 2? 22? or 222?

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