Other Side of the Mirror # 104 – Trees Company, Instant Reaction to The Price

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This is our instant recap of Once Upon a Time’s second episode of season 5: The Price. (Attention Oncers: for five seconds we SHIPPED ALL OF THE THINGS!) This week we abandon our likes and dislikes to tease out some of the philosophical issues we hope to discuss in greater detail during our full recap of the first two episodes:

  • Is the best Regina can hope for “a good death?”

  • What is “the savior?”

  • Can Regina ever fully outmaneuver her past? Should she?

  • What the hell is a True Love’s Kiss and who on this show are “Tru Wuvs?”

  • Are the fatal flaws of Emma, Hook, and Regina at times their greatest strengths?

Also WomanHood (TM Hope Mullinax), True Love’s Magic 8 Ball, Xena, Care Bears, and Big Brother.

Housekeeping note – we’re doing a full recap of the first two episodes together and we need your feedback and input on the season so far.

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