From Supergirl to Bowery Boys, Bri and Alex's Podcast Recommendations for International Podcast Day

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It’s International Podcast Day! Admittedly, we were too busy podcasting and writing to know that IPD (do they call it IPD? That sounds like a disease) was even happening until it trended on Twitter. Still, we feel compelled to recommend the podcasts we frequently listen to! Please leave your recommendations in the comments, since discovering new things to listen to is part of the fun.

Popular Doesn’t Mean Best

A list of best podcasts is inherently subjective. We are not huge Marc Maron fans, for example, but we know he’s very popular. Meanwhile, Alex believes Serial was overrated. (Alex: I could never tell if this was “journalism” or “advocacy.” As a person who works with prisoners on a daily basis, it was also very apparent to me every time the host got manipulated by Adnan Sayed. I also believe that if presented in an artful way, every case is as compelling as Adnan’s. Because a criminal case involves real human beings with real life and death struggles. Serial tapped into this essential truth.)

For us, the best podcasts are not really produced by Buzzfeed, The New York Times, or NPR. While those podcasts are perfectly fine if you have time to kill and want something pleasant to listen to, we like things that are just outside the mainstream. Many of our recommendations are podcasts by regular people with day jobs who are so passionate about something that they podcast in their spare time.

The Bowery Boys










The Bowery Boys explore New York City history from the inside out. The show is hosted by two best friends, Tom Myers and Greg Young, who tell the stories that created NYC. Like us, the guys are two amateurs who started a podcast by reading Podcasts for Dummies. Their episodes cover things like Tin Pan Alley composers, the history of the Met Life/Pan Am Building, What’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb, the 1940s Copacabana Club, Peter Stuyvesant’s influence on the East Village and so much more. Listening to the Bowery Boys makes you feel like you’re taking a stroll through the streets of New York.

I Should Be Writing

Mur Lafferty is a freelance author, journalist, podcaster and novelist who shares her journey, tips and tricks for aspiring writers. Lafferty covers everything from writing query letters to working with bloggers to battling procrastination. Need help when you’ve written yourself into a corner? There’s an episode for that (#63). Think your writing sucks? Mur will explain repeatedly why it’s okay to suck. If you think you should be writing, there are more than 200 episodes to help you on your way.

Drinks at the Dal

Alex is a big fan of the TV show Lost Girl. Drinks at the Dal is devoted to chronicling the unique show and its fandom. Stephanie, Annie and Kris do more than just fangirl over the show they love, they approach the show from the perspective of longtime sci-fi/fantasy fans. They discuss the way Lost Girl navigates sexuality, femininity, masculinity and the political characteristics of the Lost Girl Universe. Oh, and they have a total blast. We interviewed the hosts on What The Fangirl Episode 2.

Supergirl Radio


Supergirl Radio is the deep-dive into the history of Supergirl on the page, on the big screen and on TV. Hosted by our friends Teresa Jusino and Rebecca Johnson, Supergirl Radio does more than just get you ready for CBS’s series. If you are interested in comics, then you will love hearing about how Supergirl has been represented in comic books, her friends and foes and what’s going to happen when she hits the small screen. One of my favorite episodes was their discussion of the Supergirl movie starring Helen Slater. The hosts are always prepared and fun! Give it a listen.


If you’re addicted to covers of your favorite songs, then Coverville is a must-listen. Brian Ibbott produces Coverville from his home in Colorado and the show is distributed through an open source radio station. (You can still find it on iTunes) Most episodes feature 5-6 covers and commentary on the artists who made them. Special episodes include Cover Story devoted to a particular artist, Lost In Translation, which discusses covers performed in a different language than the original, and A Capella, which gives you A Capella covers of popular songs.

How Did This Get Made







There is one celebrity-hosted podcast that we totally enjoy and it’s this one. How Did This Get Made is a rollicking look at one of our most favorite and perplexing questions: how the heck did this ridiculous movie get made?? Sometimes a movie is so bad it’s good. Funny people Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas watch the movies and discuss their reaction with friends. A typical episode finds them trying to articulate the plot of the Spice Girls movie, Spice World (#59). This one will keep you awake during long car trips and entertain you in the process.

What are your favorite podcasts? Tell us in the comments.

Bri is the founder and co-editor of What the Fangirl. She loves chai lattes, Disney and fairy tales.


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