Cut the Cable Cord: BBC to Offer Huge Back Catalog On Streaming Service for the US

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Fans of the BBC rejoice: the company announced plans to launch a Netflix-style subscription service in the near future. The new network will not interfere with existing agreements to air BBC content on Hulu and Amazon.

The Beeb has offered original content since 1929, just three years after the advent of television itself. At its best, the network offers great series and television movies, making it a kind of fantastic hybrid of NBC and HBO, if our imaginary hybrid network was publicly funded. (No, PBS does not equal BBC). For Americans, British television exists in a kind of parallel universe that until recently has only afforded us brief glimpses of its actual content.


Americans are generally aware of the significant influence BBC series have had on American television over the last decade or so, with some content on BBC America and other streaming services. Now BBC general director Tony Hall promises to offer movies and series that were not previously available. One can only hope that includes classics like Fawlty Towers (John Cleese), Not Only But Also (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore), and 1995’s Pride and Prejudice miniseries, starring a young Colin Firth.

This is yet another nail in the coffin of traditional cable. We webmasters at What the Fangirl are big fans of cable cutting, so consider this another clarion call to dump your cable provider and go rogue.

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