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Female Creator Friday: Interview with Alyce and Hayley Adams

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Female Creator Friday is where we spotlight women working in various forms of media.

This week, I decided to interview sisters Alyce Adams and Hayley Adams. The two recently created the hilarious and winning webseries i can’t even on Youtube. You can read more about it on our previous post about the show.

Alyce is the writer and creator while Hayley is the producer and creator. They decided to split up the questions in between themselves.


L-R: Alyce Adams, Hayley Adams. Photo by Sarah Guganovic

What has been the best “fangirl” experience you’ve had yet?

Alyce: It would have to be when we went to the San Diego Comic Con in 2013. As a nerd, is there truly anything higher than this achievement? We dressed up, waited in lines for hours, fangirled pretty hard over our favourite actors, waited some more in never-ending lines, bought cool geeky merchandise, and of course lost half of our life span to lines.

We basically lived the dream that weekend.

How long did it take to put together the series, from writing to post-production?

Hayley: The idea was sparked in late 2014, and it took us a couple of months to develop and cast the two leads. Once we had Louise and Tiana locked in, we wanted to film a pilot episode to get an idea of how the show would work – that was the Peeta Bread episode. We aimed to shoot each episode in one day and most of them worked that way pretty successfully. It was only when we left the base location of the apartment that we needed to take longer to shoot. Post-production was happening concurrently with shooting some of the later episodes, so it was a bit of a juggling act. We were pretty much still finishing the sound mix or colour grade on episodes up until the day before we posted! I’d say all up, it took about 11 months to go from idea to posting.

Did you learn anything new about being a fangirl along the way?

Alyce: Probably that being a ‘fangirl’ is not a new concept. When making Book Addicts Anonymous, we wanted to make sure that we did the Outlander series justice, so spent some time researching the fandom as we were relatively new to it, having being introduced to it through the TV show. We realised that there has been a hard-core following for the series since the 90s, and that a lot of the first styled forums on the Internet were used to discuss the books. It was cool to see the progression from basic html codes to gifsets on Tumblr. They were like the pioneers of fangirling!

If you could have any one amazing fangirl moment, what would it be and why?

Alyce: That Joss Whedon sees our web series, absolutely loves and fangirls out about it, flies us to Hollywood just so he can tell us in person, and then gives us heaps of money to fund our next project. Don’t think we really need to explain why that would be so amazing.

Are there any other webseries you were inspired by? Who?

Alyce: After we went to the first Online Video Awards (OVAs) in Melbourne, we found a web series called Chris & Josh that only had two actors and every episode was filmed in one location. It was funny and economical, and it made us realise ‘hey, I think we could do that.’

In terms of production and marketing, The Katering Show heavily influenced us. We liked how they released all their episodes in one go and didn’t number each episode, allowing their audience to watch the short videos all in one go and without having to worry that they were watching it in the wrong order. It’s something we adopted for our own series and believe to be a successful model.

What kind of future plans do you have beyond i can’t even?

Hayley: We’d love to do more with our series and make more episodes! Our cast and crew are all really close and we had a great time filming everything, so a season two could be on the cards. However, we’d also want to make every episode even better and be able to pay people for their amazing effort! So we’ve got to figure some creative means of making that happen. Beyond i can’t even.,we have plenty of ideas for other web series, short films, TV shows and even movies! Working together means that we’re always challenging each other to keep motivated and think of new ideas. Mainly, we just want to create female-driven content that is awesome, quirky and engaging for an audience.

My thanks to Hayley, Alyce and their publicist, Wendy Trieu for their time with this interview.

Check out i can’t even.

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