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Fangirling Gets Extreme in New Webseries i cant even.

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Put this one on your radar, fangirls!  A new webseries is about to launch on August 3rd and it should encompass all of your fangirling ways, modest or as brazen as they may be.

A project by sisters Hayley and Alyce Adams, i cant even is the story of Em and Lex, two best friends who live vicariously through their favorite fandoms. Louise Cox (Em) and Tiana Hogben (Lex) are vastly different, but united by their love of fandom. Here’s the trailer below, and it’s a Buffy-style credit montage! I like it already, and how great to see a female-created, directed and written webseries.

The details:

The Australian sketch comedy will feature six episodes, all to be released simultaneously on YouTube August 3rd 2015. Each episode, a three to six minute sketch is a humorous take on the duo’s everyday life, guided by their fangirl tendencies focussing on a particular book, TV show, film or character.

Connect with the show below:

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