The Best of Comic-Con 2015! For Me Anyway

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San Diego Comic Con has come and gone once again. It was an odd year with Disney’s Marvel movies not attending. They’re saving everything for D23. Instead, we had a great selection of movies and shows step up in their place.

This is a list of my favorites from Comic Con 2015.

Star Wars

maxresdefaultStar Wars was king for me this Comic Con. Hasbro is releasing new figures from The Black Series 6” Ahsoka to my animated husband Captain Rex as an adorable old man. Marvel has three more comics coming. The Force Awakens panel was exciting but didn’t say much. They even threw a private concert for fans while Hasbro gave out free lightsabers! All of these were great, but it was the reel trailer from The Force Awakens that was the best thing at Comic Con. I cried. I called my mom who got me into Star Wars. I cried some more. It was perfect.

I’m going to be so poor next year from those Black Series figures.

Gravity Falls and the season 2b trailer

GFWhile the Star Wars panel was the most exciting, the Gravity Falls panel was my personal favorite. It was HILARIOUS!

Once again, Gravity Falls proved why it’s one of the best shows on television. Kristen Schaal continues to be an adorable human being. Alex Hirsch stated in the panel, “Kids are way smarter than we give them credit for… There’s this misunderstanding in media that kids will watch anything… Just because people love to consume doesn’t mean they don’t want something amazing.” He proved that point with an out of this world season 2B trailer. I’m hella excited for this half season which comes out of hiatus July 13th then picks back up again August 3rd.

BBC Sherlock

sherlock-christmas-special-1280jpg-8ae4ab_1280wMustaches, body parts, and Victorian costumes. Must be BBC’s Sherlock special! The trailer was exactly enough to show this is the BBC version we all love regardless of the time period. I still wonder which story they will tackle. I’m usually okay with spoilers except for BBC Sherlock. I try to avoid those like the plague. The only downside is we still don’t have a release date. The Sherlock fandom is used to waiting. Hell, wasn’t there something like two years between seasons two and three? I hoped this would be a Christmas special though.

It’s okay. I’ll always wait for Sherlock. My feelings will come soon…ish


Ryan-Reynolds-Official-Deadpool-Costume-TeaseTalk about a ton of fun! This may be the big hit of next year. With Disney Marvel saving their movies for D23, Sony Marvel brought it this year. I’m behind on the X-Men movies, so I didn’t have much care for whatever news they had.

HOLD THE PHONE! Ryan Reynolds walked through the door! The biggest surprise was the Deadpool trailer. I saw the leaked version. Holy shit, they’re going to give Guardians of the Galaxy a run for their money for most fun Marvel movie. I’m not the biggest Deadpool fan, but this could be the beginning of my love for Deadpool.

Heroes Reborn

hrI was a fan of Heroes until they killed off David Anders’ character (is that a spoiler so many years later?). You might remember from my review of the iZombie pilot what a huge David Anders fan I am. I never finished Heroes after that. In my defense, I was also in college which sucked away a lot of my television time.

Being a fan of Robbie Kay, I decided to look into the new Heroes Reborn trailer. Though I don’t know how the original series ended, I cheered seeing Hiro at the end. YATTA! He was my favorite character that hooked me in. Let’s just say I plan on binge watching and finishing Heroes very soon.

Doctor Who

dwWhile I still miss Danny Pink as I continue to loath Clara, I’m always excited for more Doctor Who. The season nine trailer did not disappoint. I’m enjoying Peter Capaldi’s run as the grumpy alien Time Lord. Though I’m on the fence about Missy’s return, I’ll always love Doctor Who. If I can throw my two cents into that mysterious girl at the end, I think it’s the Doctor’s long lost granddaughter Susan.

Lego Dimensions adding Doctor Who was a great touch. I look forward to playing as my beloved Eighth Doctor.

Her Universe Fashion show

star-wars-her-universe-ashley-eckstein-princess-leia-dress-settostunningAshley Eckstein, the creator of Her Universe, hosted with Hot Topic the second annual “Geek Fashion” show. The best amateur designers submitted their designs based on popular media. Over twenty designers showed off beautiful couture outfits trying to win one of two awards: judges’ choice and audience’s choice. It was a gorgeous selection of creativity proving you can be a geek and look beautiful. Give me a Sailormoon dress that transforms on stage any day. This was the dress that won the audience award. “Joker’s New Look” won the judge’s choice.

What’s more, Variety reported the Her Universe fashion show will be a reality television show next year! It will air on Comic Con’s streaming service following the journey of the chosen designers up to the show.

Congrats to Miss Eckstein on a great show and this big news!

Once Upon A Time

esdarkoneStill coming off my anger of losing Will Scarlet to the main cast (see my post from a few weeks ago), I wasn’t too excited for the Once Upon A Time panel. Overall, the panel was a bit boring since they can’t tell us much. They’re only a few weeks into filming. They don’t have many of the scripts written. Then, they gave us some reveals for season five. I like Merida as much as the next person, but I’m sick of Once being up Disney’s ass. Remember when this show was about literary stories? Can we go back to the Land Without Color or Ruby or Wonderland?

That Dark Swan trailer though! Seeing hero Emma Swan as the Dark One and murdering a man… DAMN! That got me interested in season five. I’m not over the moon shaking with excitement, but I’m definitely intrigued.

Once Upon A Time is like my Brokeback Mountain: I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU!

The Legend of Korra

Legend-of-Korra-Comic-Full-Res-720x405Dark Horse announced a Legend of Korra comic picking up where the series left off back in December. It’s going to include Korra and Asami’s same-sex relationship that was revealed in the final seconds of the series finale. Needless to say, this is going on my pull list at the comic book store. If it’s anything like the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics, the Korra series will be a must have for any fan.

My only real concern is whether or not some of the other character will show up. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for Korra and Asami, but my favorite characters are Bolin, Lin, and Tenzin. AND PABU! WHAT ABOUT PABU!

Agent Carter

Agent_Carter_s2After fans rallied to save the show for a sophomore season, Agent Carter season two makes me wish it was fall already. The panel teased Peggy moving on from Steve and finding new love. Also, she’s going to be investigating a murder in Hollywood. Could this be the dreaded Black Dahlia Murder of 1947? We’ll have to wait and see!

Those were my top picks for Comic Con 2015! Tell us your favorite moments! Was it the Batman vs. Superman trailer? The Suicide Squad? Teen Wolf? Warcraft? The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2?

Let us know!


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