Podcast: The Litch Line – Bed Bugs and Beyond Recap, Sex Lies and Red Tape

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For this episode of The Litch Line, an Orange is the New Black podcast, we’re discussing the season three episode, “Bed Bugs and Beyond” which features the theme of lyng. EVERYONE is lying either to themselves or others, including Piper, Aleida, Cesar, Nikki, Bennett, the prison administration and basically everyone else. And much like bedbugs, lies can burrow and infect.

Topics include:

  • Bennett’s immaturity and need for a reality check;
  • The introduction of Lady Pornstache;
  • Satan’s 3-progned penis;
  • The twisted genius of Aledia and the predictable idiocy of Cesar;
  • Alex and Piper’s hot bangs



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Remember, this podcast is spoiler free, and we won’t spoil beyond episode 2.

The Litch Line is a fan podcast for the Netflix original show Orange is the New Black. Bri is a writer, Alex is a prisoner attorney, and together, we take you through Litchfield and beyond as we discuss narrative and justice. Get in contact with our voicemail line at (970) 510-6623, email feedback at litchline@gmail.com, and follow us at Twitter @thelitchline.




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