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First Female Ghostbusters Photographs Are Already Making Us Laugh

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Warning: These Photographs Possibly Contain Spoilers, I Guess.

Filming on Paul Feig‘s Female Ghostbusters movie started in Boston on Wednesday. The first set photos, which were released exclusively to Entertainment Tonight, have us cracking up. There’s something about watching Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon nerdily running through the streets hauling ghost gear that is irresistibly funny.


Brief plot details have also been released. Kristen Wiig plays a respected professor who long ago wrote a book about ghosts being real with McCarthy’s character. Wiig’s character gets a prestigious job at Columbia University, only to be felled by the revelation that she wrote the ridiculous book. Of course we assume there will be some kind of ghost invasion that will prove the women were right all along. Chris Hemsworth has joined the cast as a receptionist. (Because we all need Thor answering our phones!) No details yet on who Leslie Jones portrays, but we’re really looking forward to this one!

Some people on the internet are on the fence about the Female Ghostbusters, but if we just focus on character and how hilarious these women are, this could be amazing.

Also, Emma Stone, why did you pass on this?!

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