AMC's Comic Book Men Looking for a Few Good Women – And It Could Be You!

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AMC’s hit television show Comic Book Men is looking for a few good women. Fangirls, to be exact. The show is looking for people to appear on season 5 of the Kevin Smith-produced show about geeks who are searching for their own holy grail of collectibles. Maybe you’re searching for an original 10 inch My Pretty Pony, the prequel to My Little Pony. Or perhaps you need a 1978 Luke Skywalker with a a rare double-telescoping lightsaber that extends from his arm. Or a first-edition 1963 copy of Where the Wild Things Are, which would be worth $20,000 if your mom didn’t donate it to Goodwill. The possibilities are endless, as we all know!


So here’s how you qualify:

You are 18 or older
You are a quirky comic book geek with a supersize personality
You are desperately searching for a comic book related item or retro pop culture collectible you want to buy or sell

If that sounds like you, then apply to Comic Book Men. You might be chosen to report to Jay and Bob’s Secret Stash comic book shop in Red Bank, New Jersey.

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