Neil Gaiman's American Gods Comes to Starz

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American Gods is finally coming to a television near you! Neil Gaiman’s fifteen year old novel finally has a home and a full series order. Starz has taken the show straight to series. The show is produced by Gaiman, Brian Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal) and Michael Green (Kings). Green will be show-runner. Gaiman released the first concept art (seen above) for the series on Wednesday.

Fuller’s involvement in the project is awesome for fans of the novel. ABC’s cancellation of Pushing Daisies is still lamented by people like Bri. Fuller’s unique vision is evident in this trailer for season two:

Meanwhile, Fuller’s powers are currently on full display in the beautifully gruesome Hannibal. I’m not a regular Hannibal watcher, but every time I tune in I am struck by the hideously, unsettlingly gorgeous show:

Hannibal is in its third season on NBC, but its fate beyond that is unknown.


American Gods is the story of Shadow Moon, a recently widowed and paroled ex-con. Shadow traverses the USA with the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who is secretly recruiting the ancient gods for an all out war. The premise – that all the ancient gods like Odin, Johnny Appleseed (yes really), Czernobog are alive and well in America – always seemed tailor made for treatment on the small screen. Now that shows like Once Upon a Time have made fairy tales and folklore viable, the time is right for American Gods. Who should play Shadow Moon? Personally, I ‘d like to see Michael Raymond James take a stab at it. He brings the appropriate level of “WTF have I gotten myself into” to the role. What do you think?


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