Podcast: The Litch Line – Mother's Day Recap, I'd Light Your Crackpipe

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For this episode of The Litch Line, an Orange is the New Black podcast, we’re discussing the season three premiere, “Mother’s Day,” which finds the inmates and staff trying to find a new normal in the aftermath of Vee, Fig and Rosa’s departures.

Topics include:

  • Caputo’s attempt to create a Montessori version of Litchfield.
  • Did Pennsatucky’s mom create the earliest documented use of Go-Go juice?
  • The thematic differences between the season 2 and 3 premieres.
  • The different ways motherhood is perceived by prisoners, their kids and society.
  • Why prison is Twitter writ large.
  • Prison religion.
  • Our lack of interest so far in Piper and Alex.

Show Notes

We discussed My Chemical Romance, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Freakonomics, and as usual this episode features the music of Metric. You can pick up any of these awesome reads (or anything else!) and listens via our link to Amazon. Same prices, but we get some of the proceeds to continue producing podcast content and hosting What the Fangirl. Thanks for your support!

Note: We do not spoil any episodes beyond the season three premiere. Listen worry-free! We also podcast without any knowledge of the show from the news beyond this episode!


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