The Supposedly Friendless Life of Once Upon a Time's Emma Swan

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It’s become a rite of passage for every season of Once Upon a Time: Emma Swan, alienated from her biological family, searches for the meaningful contact that only true friends can provide! Each season tells us Emma spent her life alone, then conjures up a new best friend for Emma…. only to cast them aside in time for the next season. Before we go any further, let’s state the obvious – being someone’s friend doesn’t preclude any other kind of relationship, including romantic, and no two friendships are exactly alike.

Here are Emma’s many friends, ranked.


emma august

August and Emma are like brother and sister. The two even arrived in this world together after being placed in the enchanted tree. Later we learned that August stalked Emma for a time, making sure she went to prison and convincing Baelfire that it was for the best. This was kind of a major deal that they needed to talk about, but they never got the chance, since the Blue Fairy turned him into a freaking boy. We will never be over it!

Hear our podcast episode “Blackened Sole” for more on this horrible storychoice.

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