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Lord of the Rings Online: Seventh Annual Weatherstock Event Dates Announced

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The dates for this year’s annual Weatherstock (Weatherstock 7) have been announced. The event takes place in-game on the Landroval server in Lord of the Rings Online. It promises to be a full day of fun and music, and will definitely give new players a chance to see what LotRO has to offer for events.


The escort train to the summit


Weatherstock is the largest fan-created event in Lord of the Rings Online, created, coordinated, and hosted by players of the game. Growing from 100 attendees in 2009, Weatherstock 6 in 2014 hosted a record 900 plus players in attendance. The event is a full day of a battle-of-the-bands using LotRO’s music system, and this year 10 bands will compete for bragging rights. Each band competing in the battle will have 15 minutes to entertain and wow the crowd, who will vote for their favorite at the end of the day.



Aragorn and Weathertop in the distance

Weatherstock is hosted at Weathertop, which for those of you who have seen the movies (or read the books), is the place where Frodo gets stabbed with a morgul blade by the Nazgul. Although the area in-game is a level 20-30 area, new players will be able to have an escort to the event, provided by The Lonely Mountain Band, the kinship responsible for coordinating the event. The game is free-to-play, so once the client is downloaded, create a character on the Landroval server and get through the intro. Your character should level up to around level 6 or 7. Make your way to Bree (use the stables provided, or look at your map and hoof it), and find the Prancing Pony, where many of the musicians gather.


Weathertop in-game


While Weatherstock is the main event, players can log in starting Friday, June 12 to attend the Weatherstock Concert Series, where 20 different bands will play hour-long sets at various places in Middle-Earth. Each of the 10 bands competing in the main challenge will have the opportunity to garner a little more interest before the big day, while other bands not competing will have the chance to entertain. The entire schedule is posted at the Lotro Artist website, with Weatherstock Concert Series events in gold.


Weatherstock will take place Saturday, July 25, from around 11AM EST to 5PM EST, although the time may change, as past years have seen the event go longer. Escorts will start from the South gate of Bree about an hour before hand, but if you show up late just ask for help in the chat in-game. Keep in mind that the main event, with an anticipated 900 attendees, will likely be laggy, so keep your graphics settings pretty low, at least until people get settled.



For more information, see Weatherstock on twitter (@Weatherstock), or check out the FAQ posted on the Lotro Artist website. You can find information on Facebook as well, as information will be posted on the Ales and Tales page. For questions in-game, you can use the general chat, or type “/joinchannel alesandtales” (without quotes) for the channel directly linked to the coordinating the event. The event will likely also be streamed via twitch.


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