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Hello, Awesome Con!

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We’re at Awesome Con! Along with my fellow site creator, Alex, I will be spending three long days at Awesome Con in Washington D.C.. We want to meet Once Upon a Time’s “Queens of Darkness,” and see what we can see. There’s panels on podcasting, women in comics, women in YA, and more, so it should be a great time! We also can’t wait to see what amazing cosplay is out there, and will be taking pictures – with consent – to share here later! We’re also going to meet up with one of our contributors, Paige, and a bunch of other amazing lady Once fans. I’ll be a great time. Tune in for more coverage.

Are you going to Awesome Con or any cons this weekend? Share with us! You can also share your report as a lady con-goer, just contact us to do a report for The Big Con: Convention Reports. 

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