A Throwback to the 90's: The X-Files Returns

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There are some things that shouldn’t come back from the 1990’s. Dial up internet, “Be Kind, Rewind”, and some of my fashion sense in high school. Okay, all. Well, one good thing is coming back from the 1990’s and that’s a return of the sci-fi show The X-Files. Confession time: I’ve never seen this show. I remember briefly an episode that had something to do with The Brady-Bunch and also one about a smoking guy, but that’s my extent of knowledge. Now how I can run a pop culture blog without indulging in a show that launched the career of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny? (Hey, does anyone remember that song about him?).

The X-Files returns soon, and reports say it’s a six-episode limited run with the original cast. FOX has made some awful good programming choices later (Brooklyn 9-9, The Mindy Project, Empire) and has slowly been winning my attention back from NBC so I want to watch this new reboot. I want to believe. Yes, I know that phrase!

Now, I ask you, who have watched the X-Files, leave a comment about the following. So I can end this egregious pop culture error and give myself some TV education.

  • Why I should watch it
  • What episode should I start with
  • Are the movies worth watching?
  • The thing you’d like to bring back from the 1990’s


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  1. Noel R.

    March 25, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    Why I should watch it — because it was amazing pretty much all the time, except possibly toward the end when Mulder wasn’t really in because…no Mulder….

    What episode should I start with — the first one, naturally!

    Are the movies worth watching? — I would watch them maybe after you’ve watched the series. They were a little bonkers at times, but still highly entertaining. I remember the last one being a little on the serious side….

    The thing you’d like to bring back from the 1990’s — Babylon 5 in pretty much any form, as long as they had a good writer on the team (because man, Babylon 5 Lost Tales was pretty bad), and provided the story was, preferably, all about the Minbari — because, win.

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