Podcast: What the Fangirl # 3 – Drinks at the Dal

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What’s to love about Lost Girl? We’ll tell you, courtesy of Stephanie and Chris, two of the hosts of the podcast Drinks at the Dal, a Lost Girl podcast. Our topics include how podcasting a show changes the way we engage with the shows we podcast, shippers in the Lost Girl fandom, favorite episodes, and hopes and dreams for the series finale.


05:40 How their approach to show changed or if it did.

14:45 Lost Girl season 5 spoilers!

15:30 Warehouse 13, end of series spoilers!

16:25 Speculating about the end of Lost Girl

18:20 How Bo’s character has shifted from the beginning of the series, i.e. redemption-oriented to evolving as a person.

22:00 What’s going on with Once Upon a Time?

24:00 Xena and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

25:10 Gateway episodes for Lost Girl

28:00 Favorite episodes of Lost Girl

29:22 Future of Drinks at the Dal.


Thanks to Stephanie, Annie and Chris for joining us! Check out their shows: DrinksatheDal and Tatiana is Everyone

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