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drunkhistoryNow Streaming is where we share the shows and movies that are capturing our attention via Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and online. New on Amazon Prime for March 2015 is Drunk History season 2. Drunk History is a show that began on Funny or Die and it now airs on Comedy Central. Since I don’t have cable (I win, Time Warner), I stream it on Hulu or Amazon. The second season is probably more funnier than the first, but first, let’s discuss what the show is actually about.

Dolly's going to always love you.

Dolly’s going to always love you.

Drunk History features celebrities and random folk telling their own interpretation of a historical event, such as the Watergate scandal, the invention of Coca-Cola, the kidnapping of Patty Hearst and other things that probably weren’t in your history books. The only difference is these storytellers are stone cold drunk, and as they narrate the events, famous people who you’ll probably recognize reenact the events and lip sync the dialogue. It’s hilarious, delightfully weird, and also taught me quite a bit about history. For instance, I didn’t know that Edith Wilson basically ran the country while Woodrow Wilson recovered from a stroke, but thanks to the Drunk History episode “First Ladies,” I do now! Thanks, Drunk History!

Courtney Cox aka Edith Wilson is going to get it done.

Courtney Cox aka Edith Wilson is going to get it done

Many of the episodes are structured around a particular city, with people in that city telling their own versions of the city’s events. Previous examples include Baltimore, New York City, Montgomery and more. However, the show also does themed episodes, like the above “First Ladies” episode, or the episodes “American Music,” about rock-and-roll.

Standout episodes you can’t miss?

    • Nashville, featuring Casey Wilson as Dolly Parton, as well as Bradley Whitford, Audrey Plaza, Taran Killem and Jack McBrayer
    • Washington D.C., with Adam Scott was John Wilkes Booth, plus Will Forte and Fred Willard

If you want to watch the show yourself, you can find it via the links below.

Hulu: 8 episodes of season one
Amazon Prime: Season one and two

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