Other Side of the Mirror #99 – Grease is the Word – Instant Reaction to The Apprentice and Feedback on Rocky Road

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We were drinking wine, and so were the writers of Once Upon a Time, as we sat through a lot of plot that made not a lot of sense in the episode The Apprentice. We touch on what struck us in Rocky Road and shared your feedback.

 Topics include:

 Rumplestiltskin:  Special Dark Edition

 Robin and Regina:  Things they could’ve actually talked about.

 Newbies:  We like Will Scarlet and Alex is over Frozen.

 Protip:  Don’t bring a gun to a magic fight.

 Wishful casting:  Joe Morton as Father of All Evil.

 Feedback on Emma and Hook; theories on Maleficent, the Snow Queen, Robin and  Regina and more.

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