Other Side of the Mirror #97 – The Night the Lights Went Out in Storybrooke, Full Recap of White Out

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This is our full discussion of White Out, the second episode of season 4 of Once Upon a Time. We talk a little bit about the sudden media interest in Frozen on OUAT, analyze that deleted scene between Regina and Snow and manage to cover a few other things such as:

This Week in Sudden Onset Media Coverage of OUAT:  Slate.com weighs in with lots of thoughts on Frozen’s takeover of OUAT.

This Week in Sudden Onset Media Coverage of OUAT II:  Slate.com thinks Regina and Emma routinely argue with each other and then cry with each other.

This Week in Henry:  Jared Gilmore gets a storyline.

This Week in Storybrooke Town Politics:  The deleted scene invalidated the three-person election of Snow as Mayor.

This Week in Storybrooke Town Mayoral Succession: Snow becomes Mayor by original Storybrook Town Rule “You break it, you buy it.”

This Week in the Queen’s Conscripts: We draft Frostopher to perform as an expert witness on our next book club episode.

This Week in Listener Feedback:  Multiple views on Hook and Emma, thoughts on Frozen and Neverland, theories on David’s father and more!


Time Stamps:

Discussion of Slate story on OUAT 00:00 to 03:50

Episode discussion 3:55 to 43:00 

Feedback 43:17


Show Notes:



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