Other Side of the Mirror #95 – Do You Want to Kill a Snowman? Full Recap of A Tale of Two Sisters

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There were things to like about the season 4 premier, A Tale of Two Sisters, particularly the dynamite scenes with Regina and Emma. We don’t spend much time discussing Frozen. And we are unconvinced that Emma has feelings for Hook. Also up for discussion:


This Week in the Best Fairy Tale on the Show:  Regina and Emma.

This Week in Bad Regina:  We admonish Regina for keeping Sydney  

This Week in We Have to Talk About Henry:  His moms are kissing men with no hands and stuff.

This Week in Reindeer Lore:  Alex is writing fan fiction about Sven joining Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

 This Week in Fun with Fonts:  Comic Sans, Courier New and Wing Dings.

 This week in Alex & Bri:  Apparently there can be no podcast without Care Bears or Xena.


This Week in Feedback:  Fantastic ideas by Aleana, Leslie, Hannah, Shary and Nonnie.


Show Notes

Bri referenced the book Into the Wild, by Sarah Beth Durst.

The intro music is the one and only Madonna.

A big thank you to those who rated us on iTunes!

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