Other Side of the Mirror #93 – Filler Finale, Full Summary of Snow Drifts/There’s No Place Like Home and Your Feedback

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This is our summary of the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time’s third season, Snow Drifts and There’s No Place Like Home. There wasn’t a whole lot of new material or development during the two hour block, so we have included your feedback on the entire season including the following:

We discuss the positive points of the finale beginning with an email from Aleana. We share two perspectives on Hook courtesy of Lisa and Denise and give our opinion on some of the issues with Hook that have divided the fandom.

We hear from Eric who has some great ideas on how the show should create their next villian.

We hear from Raissa with some killer points on the history of Beauty and the Beast, why the ship should have been a super couple, and why Rumple is now a Macguffin.

Erin shares her opinion of replacing Wicked with Frozen.

We give an anonymous commenter our best pitch on why they should watch season 4.

We answer the following questions from Tumblr:

Here’s some questions for your Season 3 Recap:

(1) What was your favorite episode of Season 3 and why? What was your least favorite episode of Season 3 and why?

(2) If you could change anything about Season 3, what would it be?

(3) A lot of people, including myself, view “Going Home” as the show’s series finale – the ending of the show we fell in love with. Do you also feel this way?

(4) Season 3 was filled with so many missed opportunities, especially 3B. What do you think was the worst missed opportunity/the missed opportunity that you think had the most potential?

(5) Seeing as how there are so many new characters being added to Season 4 – if you could kill off/get rid of any current OUAT character (excluding those yet to be introduced), who would it be?

Thank you much for the great feedback and questions, it really was the only way we possibly could have recapped the 2 hour finale!



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