Other Side of the Mirror #92 – Crop Circles in the Sand, Full Recap of Kansas

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As part of our Season 4 Premier Red Carpet Super Spectacular, we are giving away some Once Upon a Time related prizes! We love our listeners and you make it worth podcasting this crazy show. Please read the show notes for more information!


This is our full recap of Kansas, which features Once Upon a Time’s take on Oz.

This Week in Awkward Moments: Dr. Whale delivers Snow White’s baby.

This Week in Geography: We discovered that Oz is right on the Cyclone Line.

This Week in Pratfalls: Hook has a date with a pig trough.

This Week in Whaaatttt? Alex confuses Bri with a reference to rocks, chalk and jayhawks.

This Week in Off-Screen Action That Should’ve Been On Screen: Regina gives Belle the dagger to make amends for all the evil she did to Belle. Regina decides Belle is the only person who can be trusted with the power of the dagger. Also Belle decides she still trusts Rumple. That’s about 8 episodes full of character development and story for Belle that took place in 20 seconds.

Show Notes

Today’s giveaway is tied to our most recent podcast, Crop Circles in the Sand: Full Recap of Kansas. So it’s quiz time! The first person to answer all four questions will win an E.L.F. The Fairest of them All Beauty Book Palette aka a Snow White makeup kit! Runners-up get an Other Side of the Mirror pin!

1. Which six television shows (other than OUAT) do we mention or refer to in this episode? Hint: 2 are reality/candid shows and the other 4 are not.

2. Alex called certain behavior “stupid.” What more polite term did Bri come up with to refer to the same conduct? Hint: It’s two words. 

3. What did we call “Adam and Eddie’s idea of Oz?” according to Bri and Alex. Hint: we brought it up during the first five minutes of the episode.

4. What character in literature did we compare Zelena to? Hint: It may not be human.


Our next giveaway is scheduled for Thursday, so be sure to check our website or twitter for more details!

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