Other Side of the Mirror #91 – Eternal Flame, Full Recap of A Curious Thing

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The 80s references are abundant in this full recap of A Curious Thing. We riff on everything from the movie Inner Space to the Bangles to Don Johnson’s Lookin’ for a Heartbeat. All that and some thoughts about the future of this podcast!

This Week in Us Magazine, there’s only one Fairytale in the Enchanted Forest… and it just happens to be Snow White!

This Week in They-Didn’t-Really-Explain-That, the writers remember Regina has no heart and as a result is not supposed to feel – so they improvise some lines!We’ll tell you if they make sense!

This Week in Characters Alex Doesn’t Even Remember, Philip and Aurora turn into monkeys!

This Week in Harry Potter, Zelena rides up on a badass Nimbus 3000 and Snow discovers the Room of Requirement!

This Week in Convenience, Glinda is right where they need her to be!

This Week in Emotional Powerhouse Acting, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parilla and Jared Gilmore make beautiful music, again.


We don’t know if this is one of the best things or worst things to happen in music history. Enjoy!


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