Other Side of the Mirror – Episode # 89 – Blurred Lines, Instant Reaction to Snow Drifts and No Place Like Home

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Today we’re reacting to the special 2 hour finale of Once Upon a Time, the episodes Snow Drifts and There’s No Place Like Home. We are also proud to announce a new venture, What the Fangirl, which is a media and pop culture podcast and website that we want you all to contribute to. Go to www.WhatTheFangirl.Com for more information.

These episodes gave us a lot to digest, but these are some of the things we talked about:


·         Jennifer Morrison was the MVP.

·         Finally a flashback’s to Emma’s past!

·         Neal scenes surprised us and were well done.

·         Snow and Charming’s moments in SB and Enchanted Forest.

·         The show’s strength is pitching high concepts, beginnings and endings.

·         Regina called out Emma on moving to NYC.


·         Unhappy Regina once again drives the story.

·         Didn’t Robin know Regina was responsible for Marian’s death? What’s the deal?

·         We missed Henry playing a crucial role in the finale, so subbing Hook for Henry didn’t work for us.

·         Blood vials and white magic portals and fairy godmothers, oh my!

·         Hook and the Blurred Lines

·         Regina vs Emma??? Please spare us this storyline.

·         We had both good and bad to say about Rumbelle

·         There was no Zelena and the Oz plot disappeared!

Show Notes:

We have questions for you about the season:

  • How did the stuff with Hook strike you?
  • Were you disappointed with Oz?
  • In what way did the show shift its emotional orientation? Or did it?
  • Where are we going from here – both literally and otherwise?
  • Will you #keepwatching?


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