Other Side of the Mirror #81 – Neal, Interrupted, Recap of Quiet Minds

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This is our full recap of Quiet Minds, the episode that sunk SwanFire/SwanThief. The parallels between Emma and Regina are at full throttle in this episode, as both have now used magic to help their first loves die after they were suffering from a dual or confused selfhoods.

This Week in Bri & Alex – Bri DID NOT LIKE the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale.

This Week in Other Episodes – Regina uses magic to kill Daniel, who is not himself, in The Doctor; while Emma sees Graham crumple up and die in front of her in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

This Week in Belle – We give Belle the awards for Most Mentally Healthy Citizen of Storybrooke, Smartest Person in Storybrooke, Best at Drawing Moral Lines in the Sand, Best at Reading, and Most Like Henry!

This Week in Quit Treating me Like a Child, ‘Cause I am a Grown Ass Woman – Belle! Boom!

This Week in Extraneous References – There’s Into the Woods, How I Met Your Mother, West Wing, Dynasty, e.e. Cummings, Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Rosemary’s Baby, Craigslist, and I’ve Got the Power.

This Week in Bad Storybrooke Pickup Lines – Robin says We are in the Wicked Witch’s House and *I have an enchanted bow*

This Week in Feedback –Swan Queen Hearts SwanThief and more.

After the Feedback, we discuss the following topics:

  • Did Neal, as Adam Horowitz said on Twitter, get everything he wanted????


  • Will you miss Neal?


  • Did the show need a real death to stick for its credibility?


  • Should the triangle have featured Emma/Neal/Regina?


Show Notes:

Alan Sepinwall’s Critique of How I Met Your Mother

Fanmix by Frostopher.

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