Other Side of the Mirror # 79 – Tower of Terror, Recap of The Tower plus Theories!

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This is our full recap of The Tower, featuring your feedback, voicemails, tweets and a new Unified Theory of Robin Hood! The Tower was about facing your fears and keeping up appearances. Charming and Rapunzel faced their fears, and we think Zelena, Robin Hood and Hook are very concerned with keeping up appearances.

 This Week in Fairytale Land:  Charming and Emma had a Daddy/Daughter dance and Emma said Yes to the Dress.

 This Week on Nancy Drew:  Henry starts to suspect Emma is hiding something and Charming, Emma, Hook and Regina play CSI.

 This Week on Filler:  We meet Rapunzel and she gets a happy ending for once.

This Week in Your Feedback:  We get a rundown on the characters’ Patronuses, we hear about unhappy Rumbellers and fans less than thrilled with Captain Swan, we get a great theory about Regina’s father, we get great feedback about the Scarecrow/Lion/Tin Man and much, much more.

Our Unified Theory of Robin Hood, which Bri also called Hook and Hood and It’s Not Good, originated from several viewers on Twitter and by Email:  

  • Fennec Wolf
  • Heck L 45
  • Myrealname
  • 25ka253
  • Hellebette
  • Andiluvs Jelly
  • Stashia R.

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