Other Side of the Mirror # 77 – Something Wicked This Way Comes – Recap of NYC Serenade and Witch Hunt

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This week is another double recap as we walk through the major events of New York City Serenade and Witch Hunt, including:

New York City Serenade

In our full recap of New York City Serenade we talk about the many parallels with the Pilot but also with Snow and Regina’s relationship in the Evil Queen, (our Evil Queen recap is podcast episode 48), we address Walsh going ape and we wish for a map of Fairytale Land.

This Week in Emma’s Suitors: Hook looks like a Leather Daddy, Walsh wants to put a ring on it, Regina and Neal are MIA.

This Week in Unanswered Questions: What happened if you died in Storybrooke, are you alive now? Is it like Storybrooke never happened? Is August a boy or a man? Is that why Rumple is alive? Cora? Graham?

This Week in Charmings: Snow and Charming have very different responses to Neal and Hook while counseling everyone

This Week in Tasting Her Own Medicine: Regina experiences what Snow went through when giving up her child.

This Week in Precocious Rom-Com Kids: Henry is a prime candidate for setting a parent trap.

Witch Hunt

In our recap of Witch Hunt, we address the Swan Queen moments including Jennifer Morrisson’s new acting choices toward Regina, as well as the consistency in Robin Hood’s character in Quite a Common Fairy and Witch Hunt. There are a suprising number of Sleeping Beauty references. And Also Alex has a theory about Regina that won’t make anyone happy.

This Week in Regina:  Regina saves another child the same way she did Snow White.

This Week in Tasting Her Own Medicine:  Zelena wouldn’t kill Regina just like Regina wouldn’t kill snow.

This Week in Bail Bonds:  The citizens of Storybrooke begin to reveal themselves to Henry as being guilty of crimes like Banditry and Piracy.

This Week in New Businesses:  The Merry Men visit Jack Sprat’s Sporting Goods.

This Week in Parallels:  Witch Hunt is contrasted with Broken and Emma/Regina are contrasted with Cricket Game. 

This Week in Rewrites:  Robin Hood gets Jefferson’s storyline.

This Week in Star Trek: Dr. Whale gets his Jim McCoy moment. 

Show Notes:  

Thank you Laura for the Gifset!

The bit with Rumple at the end refers to the scene with Regina and Rumple in Quite a Common Fairy where Rumple tells Regina “the darkness feasts on you.”

ABC owns the rights to Wicked.

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