Other Side of the Mirror # 75 – Fighting Evil by Moonlight, Ripping Hearts Out by Daylight, Recap of Think Lovely Thoughts and Going Home

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In this Very Special 75th Episode of Other Side of the Mirror, we recap Think Lovely Thoughts and Going Home. Although there was one episode between these two, they fit together because of the character arcs of Rumple and Regina.

Think Lovely Thoughts

This Week In the House of Rumpelstiltskin: We give a quick refresher on the Three Spinners, witness three generations of Rumpelstiltskins trying their hand at fatherhood; imagine Belle and Rumple at a marriage counselor; imagine Malcolm on the show 16 and Pregnant; and praise the heck out of Neal for standing up to his dad.

This Week In Casa Charming: We imagine Snow and Charming on House Hunters International; witness two generations of Charmings ever ready to make deals with Rumple; and Alex says “Snow I”mma let you finish BUT….”

This Week in the Mills Family: Emma and Regina are fighting evil by moonlight and ripping hearts out by daylight; Henry is starring in an After School Special about Peer Pressure; and Regina has enough character growth to appear on Oprah’s Sunday Soul Day

And This Week in Analysis: Rumple’s journey makes us think of Wordsworth’s “the child is father of the man.” We also sense a dark/light parallel in Neal/Emma and Regina/ Rumple, with notes on both Swan Fire and Swan Queen.


Going Home

This Week in Plot: The Shadow gets charbroiled; Tink stumps for Captain Swan; Blue Fairy Lives!; there are scrolls and body swaps and magic bracelets and daggers.

This Week in Life Lessons: Biology does not make a parent!

This Week in Parallels: Regina and Rumple pay the ultimate price for their sons.

This Week in Rumbelle: Whyyyyyy…

This Week in Regina and Emma: We chart the holy cow amazing growth between Regina and Emma. Regina learns empathy for how she wrecked Emma’s life! Regina pushed Emma to become a leader! Emma deferred to Regina during the entire third season including leaving with Henry!

This Week in Rants: Regina realizes that Emma did not have a good life because of the curse, so she decides to give her one. We discuss the implications of that and wonder why this show is promoted as if it’s Once Upon a Time: Passions Edition. This show is about the balance between light and dark…. how can this not be a theme in promotion?  

Time Stamps

00:00 – 04:00 Revisiting The Three Spinners and The Miller’s Daughter.

04:00 – 42:00 Recap of Think Lovely Thoughts

42:30 – 1:01:00 Recap of Going Home

1:01:00 – 1:17:00 Emma, Regina and the themes of OUAT

01:17:30 – 1:24:50 Rumbelle, Neal and the future

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