Other Side of the Mirror #71 – A Land Without Rules, Instant Reaction to Going Home

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This is the instant reaction for episode 11 of Season 3, Going Home! We discuss the fact that the OnceVerse clearly has no well defned rules, which leads to magical coconuts, shady math and plot holes. But the lack of rules also allows for a series reset that we are excited to see. There was also an extended discussion of the promo for the next episode and we have our first theory of what it means.

Our likes and dislikes include:


1. Emma/Regina – the stakes are so high, the scenes are so poignant, the acting superb. REGINA GIVING EMMA A HAPPY ENDING ZOMG! Why isn’t the show boasting about this unique relationship?!? 

2. Robbie Kaye and Robert Carlyle and their characters. Worst dad ever!

3. The last scene in NYC… We loved the reprise of Charlie’s Girl. Loved Original Recipe Emma! 1 YEAR LATER. Yes we love the time jump.

4. Acting is great. The show’s actors are so good the show doesn’t need dumb plot machinations.

5. There be Swan Queen afoot….


1. Alex is mystified that ABC is mystified about how to promote Once and think that Sexy Hook is the only promotable thing.

2. There aren’t any rules in the OnceVerse. Plot holes and dumb shortcuts are making a mess. Take heart Rumbelle, nobody stays dead!

3. Unresolved threads. What about Felix? Felix and Pan? Darlings? Lost Boys? Owen?

4. Hook is just eh.

5. We will be waiting until March 14…..

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