Other Side of the Mirror # 67 – Total Eclipse of the Heart, Instant Reaction to Think Lovely Thoughts

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On this episdoe of the podcast, we’re talking about our likes and minor quibbles from the very strong episode Think Lovely Thoughts, episode 8 of the third season of Once Upon a Time. Including:

  • We told you Pan was Rumple’s Dad!
  • More great casting treats us to a big heaping pile of paternal abandonment.
  • Everyone finally turns on Rumple!
  • Swan Queen, the only ship that matters in this episode.
  • Henry did what??!?!
  • Rumple went where?!?!?!

Bonus Appearances by:

Castle Greyskull, He-Man, She-Ra, Heisenberg, MSTK3000 and Downton Abbey!

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