Other Side of the Mirror # 65 – Emma Swan and the Chamber of Secrets! Ariel Instant Recap

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This is our instant reaction to season 3, episode 6:  Ariel.  As usual, we’re counting down our top five and likes and dislikes. They include:


*Regina’s impersonation of Bobby Knight. Quick, someone give her a chair!

*Regina saved Rumple. Bitches get it done!

*The end of Fake Belle is nigh!

*Fake Ursula and Real Ursula!

*David Nolan and the Chamber of Secrets!

*Hook and Rumple getting their circuits jammed by Pan!


*Emma and Snow getting diverted from the mission by Emma’s Ships! Crappy parenting, ahoy!

*Baby Fever!

*The Return of Snow Boone! 

*Save Henry Save Neal! 

*More true love at first sight! This verse same as the first!

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