Other Side of the Mirror # 64 – Bringing Sextant Back! Recap of Good Form

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In this full recap of episode 5, Good Form, we revisit the dynamics between Emma, Regina and Snow and deconstruct the various romances and bromances. The parallel episodes were Lady of the Lake and We are Both. We also discuss an article about Sleepy Hollow by tv critic Maureen Ryan about shows that are BonkersAwesome, a concept which also applies to Once.

This week in Neverland Past: Killian Jones is a very pretty poodle; the Jones Brothers journey to Care-A-Lot; Killian mourns the loss of Captain Hubris by converting to Pirate-Anarchist.

This week in Neverland Present: David and Hook take a trip to Brokeback Mountain, Snow Boone traps a Lost Boy; Hook is up all night to get lucky, and Pan is up all night to have fun.

This week in Swan Queen:  Henry is still having a miserable time at Pan Camp; Emma chooses Regina over Snow; Regina goes dark so Emma won’t have to; and Emma still chooses to kiss Hook because reasons.

This week in Alex and Bri:  We fret over the hygiene and eating habits of the Oncevengers; we remind you again about Enchantacon; and Alex joins the Frankenmuth Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

We have feedback and insights from Raissa, Aleanna, Ruby, Drew, Natalia, Jonathan, Christopher, Nonnie and Hope.

Note: We realize we refer to the Epaulette as lapels. Thanks for letting us know, Timespacer!  

Show Notes

Mo Ryan article about BonkersAwesome shows like Sleepy Hollow.


Fem Pop discussion of Once Upon a Time and how it excels all the feelings but romantic love.


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